Friday, December 09, 2011

No Cuke for You! ....


No Cuke For You Fatimah!


"According to the Bikya Masr news service, an Islamic cleric in Europe has ordered Muslim women to prevent 'sexual thoughts' by staying away from bananas, cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, and other phallic produce.

The unnamed sheikh reportedly advises that if women wanted to eat these kinds of food they would need to be cut into smaller pieces, in private, by a man — preferably a relative — because the foods 'resemble the male penis' and could 'make them think of sex...'
 [I am not making this up]

Islamo Evility ...


Criticism of Islam Could Soon be a Crime in America


Her Filthiness

When President Obama delivered his much-anticipated speech to the Muslim world at Cairo University in June 2009, the free world trembled while the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) gushed with praise and begged for a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In 1990, the OIC membership adopted the “Cairo Declaration ,” which officially exempted all Muslim countries from compliance with the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights and replaced it with Islamic law (shariah).

One of the fundamental laws of Islam deals with “slander ,” which is defined in shariah as saying “anything concerning a person [a Muslim] that he would dislike.”


Six years later (next week), Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is due to host OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu in Washington, DC in mid-December 2011 to discuss how the United States can implement the OIC agenda to criminalize criticism of Islam. [Criticism of Islam Could Soon be a Crime in America- continued]

Her Filthiness is without question the single most dangerously evil woman in America's history.  Bill Clinton, bad as he is, only gets enabler status next to her evility. Yes, evility.

Some Tips ...

DMV Clerk Nancy P Brown Pleads Guilty To Bribes For Licenses


This is not Nancy P Brown

This is not Nancy P Brown.  She walked in front of the camera while this mug shot was being taken. Sorry.



I just went into the kitchen to get coffe and this is what I see out the window!  UN soldiers rappelling into my yard.  They must  be airborne and parchuted.  I can't remember the combination to the gun safe!  Woe  is me.
BG&E tree trimmers

Uh - never mind.

Guns fir the Arabs - Sticks for the Jews ....


Democrat Nation

Uncovering the anti-Israel enablers

By Jennifer Rubin, Wa POST

Ben Smith, in a must-read piece, blows the cover off the anti-Israel left and the Democrats’ favorite think tank, the Center for American Progress, which harbors many of its shrillest voices. He begins: “The daily battle is waged in Media Matters (founded by Hillary Clinton)’ emails, on CAP’s blogs, Middle East Progress ....

Obama Administration Welcoming Islamic Group to Washington for Discussion on ‘Tolerance’

The Obama administration says a meeting in Washington next week seeks to make progress in combating religious intolerance, but critics say the U.S. is pandering to an ideological agenda aimed at restricting speech critical of Islam.

When the story about the Democrat Party having aligned itself with the Palestinians and Muslims against Israel broke (officially),  there were numerous and sundry side stories like "GOP Reach Out to Jews; "GOP Court Jewish vote."  This annoys this crap out of me,  the same way as "GOP Reach Out To Blacks."    The connotation being that the GOP, seeing an opportunity, is willing to alter principles in order to accommodate.  And sadly, too often that's exactly what the GOP is willing to do.  And it's why the GOP must be replaced with the TP or other principled leadership.  

Tentage on the Mall ....

Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag
blah blah blah - pass the shrimp

Tom Mann Photo

These Tom Mann's pictures (roll) of the FLY occupation of D.C. are pretty revealing.  The rather palatial tentage doesn't smack of any grass roots movement I've ever seen.  It looks like something staged and financed by, oh I duuno, say George Soros and  the CPUSA?

Incoming! ....

What it's like

Here is a live look at a forward base in Afghanistan. You will see what the base looks like and a sense of what the daily life there is like. The soldiers out on the wire are responding to incoming fire. These guys have seen this so much you won't believe how casual they are.

The Pech Valley, one of the most dangerous places in the world, is on of the major gates terrorists use between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The ridge in the front left of the screen was lobbing mortars into this base and this is the result. Good times.  [Veterans Video Blog via thor]

The thought occurs to me that in a day where Hollywood can focus so much energy and terror into a scene (Saving Private Ryan opening sequence), the real thing may appear mundanish.  Well, I guess that's the point. It is mundane in the sense that it's a common occurrence.  But real  Americans lose their lives.  God Bless. 


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