Sunday, December 18, 2011

WTC Pictures and Ideas

Speaking of the WTC
Some great new pictures

USS John Wayne

Since  aircraft carriers are prolly obsolete, my plan was to moth ball an existing one at the WTC site.   Yes, certainly it would be a first line of defense against any attempted Islamo encore of 9-11, but there's more.  Sooner or later the United States will have to, er, "neutralize with extreme prejudice"  everyone in Manhattan., and this would make short work of it.  Anyway, my plan was rejected in favor of  a mosque. More better pictures here.

Pepsi Cola Hits the Sore Spot

Found in Iraq by American GI

Twin Towers Pepsi





MoSup watched this Face the Nation interview with Newt ( I did not), and told me it's made her a believer.  She's now a Newt Nut.

Racing with Obamanazis! Sort of. ....

Gird your loins and saddle up!

Top Gear aficionados will recognize the Isle of Man as the place where boys go to test drive their fastest toys.  Why?  Because there are wonderful roads with no speed limit,  and nobody actually lives there.  Cowboy Don sent this Insane Bike Race video which  was recently held there.  He suggests you add to the experience by  pretending you're  Steve McQueen,  being chased by Obama Gestapo (the SEIU).  WOW!  What an adrenaline rush.  USA UAS USA!

A Christas Wish from the new US Capitol ....

A Christmas Wish for the Nation

It appears the Republican controlled House of Representatives have made it a crime to wish constituents "Merry Christmas" in franked e-mail, or using  the socail media—   including e-mail.  The Democrat controlled Senate however says members can say 'Merry Christmas'

Here's my Christmas wish ...   (Cue Jethro Tull score)

New US Capitol

After a shift in the earth's crust left the eastern seaboard north of Virgina, and Blue states west of Indiana under the sea, the U.S. capitol is relocated to a mountain top in Appalachia.  Here's the new U.S. Capitol building. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.