Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Likes Italian Beef ..

Today's Mail

Italian Beef

Ro[d]ger, you are the man!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, I did your Italian Beef today and it was DELICIOUS!  I ate a big sammich and then ladled up a coffee cup full of the hot broth and drank it.  Then I put my head in the slow cooker afterwards and licked the bowl clean. The ROI on this thing is awesome!

Mrs H could not fit her itty-bitty head in the slow cooker bowl at the same time I was licking it clean, and now she’s pissed at me, but what else is new.

Thank you for this,


Sir H the (stuffed to the gills) Comet

Aw shucks H - twern't nuthin'.  But thanks.

A nice picture

Art Appreciation Moment

Hour glASS

A Rotter's Poll

Most Admired People WTF?    
Well, it is Gallup, a Democrat Media Complex component — but still  


George Bush must be embarrassed as hell to find himself with this lot.

Jerry Brown - "Myun" Priest

Yur Stuff is Myun Stuff
(Su Casa, Mi Casa)

California Sacrifice to the Liberal god

Fueled by a backlash against the wealthy, Gov. Jerry Brown and left-leaning groups want voters to tax the rich next November.Californians have shown strong support for the idea in polls so far, despite the fact that they haven't passed a statewide tax hike since 2004. Brown said this month "the only tax that's overwhelmingly popular is the tax on wealthier people."
[... ]
Proponents of taxing the rich call it a matter of fairness. They point out that the rich got richer over the past three decades while the poor lost ground, resulting in a widening inequality gap.

[Plans to 'tax the rich' hold risks and rewards for California]

Having just reviewed Apocalypto (below),  how could I not notice the similarities between those Mayan savages and California's ruling class of Liberal twats?  It's just so — so perfect!  

“So the Maya essentially destroyed themselves through technology, urbanization, and thinking their sh_t didn't stink?” I asked, not wanted to hear an affirmative response. To my disappointment, the archaeologists agreed.

Yup - the same bunch of rotters.  Sacrifice the doers to appease the useless.   Xactly.