Thursday, December 29, 2011

School Desk Nostalgia ...

Today's evocativeness


This picture is bound to evoke a memory.  For me, it was the day Boo Radley visited St. Francis to pick his date for the sock-hop at Canty Elementary.

Getting Boned Culture


Kim and Bieber Culture

Kim and Bieber

I cannot keep up with the pop culture.  I first noticed it some years ago when my kids giggled every time I'd use the word "sack."  Like, "I can't find my sack I just had."   I think is was only this year that I figured it out.  Just now I was reading  The 10 dumbest celeb tweets of 2011. Specifically:

8. Kim Kardashian

She may make millions off her Twitter endorsement deals, but her attempt at a joke enraged hundreds of Beliebers after she posted the “Dancing With the Stars” 1-800 number and called it Justin Bieber’s in an attempt to drum up votes for her brother Rob, who was a contestant on the show:

“OMG, I have @ JustinBieber’s ph
one #!!!! 800 8683402! CALL HIM! He’s taking calls for the next hour!!!”

I still don't get Justin Bieber, although I do know he's a teeny-bop idol.  What I can't fathom is why everybody— adults! seem  to feel obliged to ridicule this kid.  I mean, cruel and hateful stuff. as though his last name was Palin?   The other person what popped out of nowhere was Kim Kardashian.  I mean, she's everywhere.  But why?  

To find out I Googled her.  There was mention of, and link to her "sex tape"  Not like Paris Hilton's, where her boyfriend taped stuff and put it on the internet without her knowledge.  No, evidently Kardashian produced this the way others have a photo portfolio.   Yes, I watched it.  She is udderly a cow, but does have a nicely sculpted vajayjay with smooth, aerodynamic lines; I'll give her that.  And, she really did seem to enjoy what she was doing, and was obviously well rehearsed.   It worked. 

Having sex in public is now, evidently, what aspiring Hollywooder types feel they must do.  Watching Kardashian get boned didn't really do anything for me, other than leave me gob-smacked.  I tend to like the hint of things; fodder for the imagination.  Yes, I do like the idea that I can Google "[Top Gear celebrity name] naked" and almost always get a dozen hits.  But I don't like that I'm able to do it.  .

Apocalypto and The Help

Two Movies  (UPDATED)

I was aware that Mel Gibson made Apocalypto, but this was after his (5-Star) The Passion of the Christ (Full movie viewable here) caused Hollywood declare war on Mel.  The reviews then were not sufficient to make me overcome my aversion to paying to see Hollywood crap.  Last night, in celebration of my Netflix portal on ROKU being magically restored, I watched it on my SONY 46" 1060 HD in complete darkness, with audio delivered through my Sennheiser ear phones. Incredibly enough, you can watch it in its entirety here. 


If you've not seen this picture dealing with the last days of the Mayan civilization, before the Spaniards arrived— words fail me.  If you took the opening 30-minute sequence from Saving Private Ryan, and extended for another 106-minutes,  you have Apocalypto's level of intensity.  It 's brilliant!, and 5 Star () terrific.  Had it been made by a leftist icon like Oliver Stone, or Steven Spielberg,  I'm  convinced it would have been the 2006  favorite to win 7-8 Oscars.  WOW! 

Now, while I was watching the Mayans in all their gory glory, MoSup was in another room watching The Help on her PPV 32" screen.  When I asked how she liked it, she squealed giddily,  like a virgin on her marriage bed.  She loved , and gave it her imprimatur.  Since we have access to it for another day or so, I'll watch it tonight. 
I watched The Help last night and ... wait.  First the explanation:
  • Any man married to the same woman for 73¼ years will have undergone, through osmosis,  certain changes to his manly veneer. Like your Gran bolsa de bola peluda will have been draped with a lace cozy.  Okay?  Okay.
I loved the movie.  I did comment to MoSup that I felt there was a good deal of stereotyping.  Specifically, I said it was not believable that an entire group of women could be so hateful.  She said, "Well, you are so wrong."

Nevertheless, it was great adventure, and nicely acted. 

PS -  (In case you wonder, I hated  Steel Magnolia's guts).

A Top Ten List of Obamunisms

Nearly one in five Obamacare waivers went to businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s district

Filthy Democrats

If that Pelosi item only made Honorable Mention, whatever it is must be one rich target environment.  And it is.

10. Chris Matthews officially went ’round the bend
  9. What’s worse than being unemployed? Working for Sheila Jackson Lee
  8. A State Department contract officer’s $52 million sweetheart deal
  7. Love letters from Jon Huntsman (Dear Barry ...)
6. The “99 percent” might live better than you do
5. A Navy SEAL calls shenanigans on the official account of Osama bin Laden’s death
  4. Michele Bachmann’s campaign headaches
  3. POLITICO and MSNBC: a match made in northern Virginia
  2. Weinergate
  The #1 story, featuring Mexican fireworks and a DOJ meltdown

There you have Daily Caller's "Top ten stories of 2011."  Rich target environment?  Only their #1 story would make my top 10 - were I inclined to do one.  Okay - here's my  number 10

Barack Obama Not Impeached