Tuesday, December 25, 2012

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Funny Men and 2 Psychopaths
Res Ipsa LoquitorLast week  I searched Netflix for "something funny to make me forget we're  governed by a bunch of cocksuckers who remind me of Lenin, Stalin and Hitler in a bad mood."  I got a list of comedians.

Bill Burr had three entries, which I more or less enjoyed.  I think mainly because he reminds me of  Joe "Otis" McMurray, a friend and erstwhile room-mate, and his Rockaway Beach pals; and the Micks I grew up with in Chicago. Passionate, profane and funny, when they want to be.   Still, I stop short of recommending him because his manic presentation style,  filthy mouth and wtf? moments could be off-putting.  Twern't for me, but ...

Res Ipsa LoquitorAnother was  John Pinette whom I love love love, so I was pleased to find a new video.  Problem is that he seemed somehow less funny. He was once a huggable chubby, funny as hell  fat boy obsessed with eating Italian food. Now that he's  approaching fifty, he reminded me at times as being corpse-like corpulent— and not quite as funny.  He was a "clean" comic as I remember; now he's now using more than a smattering of filthy language. Unsettling because he doesn't need it.

Jim Norton  started out okay with this clip. He went on to almost make me puke.  I mean that; this is one sick bastard. This guy is a sick psychopathic SOB.

I had never heard of Todd Glass. After about five minutes I was quite taken by his style, content, and delivery.  Loaded with stuff you hope to remember, and pass off as your own,  Give him a try (still adult language, but it comes "naturally."  I gave him FIVE STARS.

Somehow included in the list was Sexy Beast The only reason I started watching was - guess?   That's right. "Sexy"  But, there was nothing sexy at all about this movie.  Ben Kingsly (Gandhi) is great as the psychopathic psychopath  putting together a team to break into an unbreakable-into bank.  This develops into a taut drama and I recommend it with a caveat about filthy f'n language.  Stick with it through the seemingly WTF? beginning.


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Chris in NC said...

Hey Rodger! Try Ralphie May some time. Really funny and politically incorrect as he should be.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Ralph May lost me during his "We cannot survive as a nation without Mexican illegals" diatribe. It was pure pandering to a LA audience.

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