Sunday, January 15, 2012

Needs her some shrimps

The Humanity                        

Rescue On The Costa Concordia



No disrespect for those who lost their lives in this tragedy.

Sorry, but you can't do that no more

                  Game Fish Bill: ‘Beginning of the End for Commercial Fishing’
Fishermen fear environmentalists and sportsmen will take more fish species off the market and off the menu



My first thoght was "Om my, another lot of people bosses with Sierra Clubber mentalities flexing their legislative muscles.  But no.  At least not primarily. It's TAX INCOME

Fisherman Ernie Foster said the legislators were missing the point. Fish are a public resource that anyone should be allowed to catch, not just those who are going to produce the most taxable dollars for the state.
Rep. Darrell McCormick, R-Yadkin ...  has estimated the new designation would increase economic activity in the state by billions of dollars. He and the CCA say the three species of fish are worth much more to the state recreationally than they are commercially. That’s because of tourism, as McCormick told Carolina Journal last summer
“The dock value of one red drum is about $1.50 a pound,” he said. “Its value to our state, as a recreational fish, is $300 a pound.”
Sen. Don East, R-Surry, took issue with McCormick’s economics. ... “Do you place a value on all those jobs that come along with the commercial fishing industry?” East asked. “The fish houses that have 25 or 30 people processing shrimp or other fish? Do you put a value on the fact that those jobs are feeding the family?”  [Full]

It all reminds me of Oliver Cromwell and his rump parliament. I can't really say why. Just something my inner-self feels.  *spit* 

Gummint Work

cuzzin ricky

The Goose Hunt

Tails of the Gun

The Family What Hunts Together ...
A smibsid family hunt


In response to last week's "Hunting With Dad" photograph, Sid (smibsid) sent me these pictures of his family's  pastime - the shooting sports.  They are fortunate to have a big, big backyard to play in on their Southern Maryland farm estate.  (Southern Maryland seceded from Maryland, but are keeping it a secret).  It reminds me very much of my childhood summers spent on gammy & gampy West's Indiana farm (except for the geese). 

Well Done Sid.

MLK Misquote

Correcting the Martin Luther King memorial mistake
Jesse Jackson quote mistakenly used


MLK Misquote