Sunday, January 22, 2012

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America, you hire Newt Gingrich, if you run Newt Gingrich R A, you’re going to lose the election. But if you if you go for Newt Gingrich and he strangely does win the election, come what may. It’s on your head. It’s on your head. ....But I’m telling you this guy is a progressive. ... Do you remember when I told you that there’s going to come a time when the progressives, somebody’s going to want to grab the pendulum. Well, we have the conditions that are being sown right now. And the pendulum is going to stop, possibly... [Glenn Beck]



The verdict is in on climate change
You're a close minded sod if you deny it


Naomi Oreskes and the Climate Clowns

In a LAT op-ed piece

Recently I had jury duty, and during jury selection something remarkable occurred. Early in the proceedings, the judge posed a hypothetical question to the 60 or so potential jurors in the room: "If I were to send you out now and ask you to render a verdict, what would it be? How many of you would vote not guilty?" A few raised their hands. "How many would vote guilty?" A few more raised their hands. ... That, of course, was the wrong answer, and the judge proceeded to explain why.

In my travels, I have met many, many people who have told me that they are not in denial about climate change; they simply don't know enough to decide. It strikes me that these people aren't unlike my fellow jurors at the start of jury selection. They are trying to keep an open mind, something that we are routinely enjoined to do in many other aspects of daily life.

But .. Since the mid-1990s, there has been clear-cut evidence that the climate is changing because of human activities: burning fossil fuels and cutting down forests. For the last decade or so it has been increasingly clear that these changes are accelerating, and worrisome.

Naomi Oreskes ... suggested that scientists should study history...." ) “new AGU” climate clowns
I cannot begin to describe the delicious sense of irony I felt when I listened to a panel of people who have no demonstrated skill or expertise in selling messages to the public, trying to tell scientists how they should sell a message to the public. And the questioners were also entertaining.

Clown or no, this nincompoop is teaching minds full of mush to think like her.  The woman is carrying a plague for chrisake! Treat her as such.        (→ lopped tenure)

Cancer cure via a teenaged mind?

The Bright Future - it's out there*


MoSup called me in to watch this.  Great story of a 17-year-old California student who got to thinking.  About cancer.  And, a cure.

* unless she's a Chicom spy sent to infiltrate America's infrastructure.

Newt, Reagan, and Spiro

Newt - My Take



(Roll Over Horrid Newt)

I'm not sure how I feel about Newt winning South Carolina, but it's not terrible.  What I find most gratifying is how and why he won it.  By energizing  the conservative base when he slammed John King for opening the last debate with a question about his wife.  The crowd went wild; the video went viralSarah Palin immediately sensed it, saying his performance would help him" “soar even more”  

It was Ronald Reagan asserting
  "This is my microphone, I paid for it" during the Nashua primary debate in 1980, (a line  purloined from Spencer Tracy in "State Of The Union," when his character was about to be cut off in debate.  A defining moment for Reagan.  

It was Vice President Spiro Agnew during a
televised speech in 1969, calling  the press "nattering nabobs of negativism" and war critics  "an effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as 'intellectuals.'"  America went nuts, and the press ducked for cover. 

This is vintage 1992 Newt, going for the throat of a corrupt Democrat House of Representatives.  He was unparalleled.  I only hope he, if elected, doesn't become 1994 Newt, all coiffed, gushy, and wanting to be loved by everyone.Or, God forbid, 2010 Newt, who promoted man caused global warming with Nancy Pelosi (stab me in the liver).

Aside- Speaking of the movie "State of the Union," here's the speech every politician could, and should, make tomorrow. We'd all be better for it.