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The Magic Garage

Perfect Gizmos and Gadgets

Magic Garage


Voila - Women will love giving up living space for your car collection

Roll Over,

Caption Brewer and Bama

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The WaPost's "caption" Brewer and Obama contest
You can do better, I'll wager
No, you may NOT send tht idiot Napolitano back here. She's YOUR problem now.


Smoke and mirrors (he can't see himslef in)

Obama: 'Nobody envies rich people'


This is one of the biggest things I'm going to be pushing back on this year, this notion that this is somehow class warfare, that we're trying to stir up envy," Obama said. "Nobody envies rich people, everybody wants to be rich. Everybody aspires to be rich, and everybody understands you've got work hard to be successful. That's the American way.

Doesn't he remind you of  this ?

Extinction II




Golf while you wait

Good lord but we were easy to please



Nothing is written in stone


This too

Stop that bleeding and eat well too


“Bacon - it can do anythingmary


Specifically, mary pointed to this article about bacon's medicinal use for stopping nose bleeds.

At some point in everyone's life, they are bound to experience a bleeding nose. Perhaps it happened while playing soccer in high school, taking a fall in gym class, or getting socked in your nostrils from the bully at school. The point being: An occasional nosebleed is nothing new in the field of medicine.

According to ...  new research published in the Annals in Otology, Rhinology and Larynology. “cured salted pork crafted as a nasal tampon and packed within the nasal vaults,” was successful in stopping a four-year-old girl’s nose from bleeding. Imagine that?

Which opens up a broad range of possibilities.  If you prefer your cures to be  pharmacy grade, Don M suggests this source for virgin pork lard (great for eating).  Of course all of Wonder Lab's fish oils are also pharmacy grade.

You're welcome
Which begs the question ...

Mr. No Show

Mr. No Show


During the hearing, Obama was in Las Vegas giving a speech to UPS employees. Inside the courtroom in Atlanta, almost every available seat was taken -- except for those at the defendant’s table facing the judge.

Joe Farah says

The judge is expected to rule in the case shortly. However, he has little choice but to issue a default judgment in favor of the challenge – potentially removing Obama from the ballot in Georgia in November.

Huff & Puff says

At any rate, the final decision is Kemp's. Regardless of what Malihi recommends, Kemp does not want to become the Republican secretary of state who ruled Barack Obama off the ballot in Georgia. Becoming a birther hero would not begin to compensate for the lasting infamy such a step would bring him, especially because such a ruling would be challenged in state or federal court and almost immediately overturned on any number of reasons. Kemp would then look like a fool and put an end to any further political ambitions he might have. I doubt that’s the course he will choose to take.

I say -  Obama's team's argument that  GA has no right to make any ruling,  because the electoral college has purview,.  says everything about the caliber of Obama's lawyers.  The bottom line is—  if Georgia courts uphold a ruling keeping him off the ballot, the federal courts have zero jurisdiction.  Which doesn't mean Schumer judges won't try.  I can easily envision Eric Holder attempting some illegal  heavy-handed tactic that's designed to inflame and incite.  Obama has  a Henry the VIII  mentality; i.e., he is accountable only to his god (which would be himself).