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Invisible Mercedes

Invisible Mercedes

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Liberal Doo-Dahs

Hating Republicans In Southern California
Diana Wagman, a novelist who knows her hateful racists

Novelist and racist twat Diana Wagman in Black Face

Ms. Wagman informed her readers that her across-the-street acquaintances were the perfect neighbors. They were pleasant, helpful, and friendly. As Ms. Wagman put it, “They are a lovely family: husband, wife, and four smart, funny, polite children. I was sure they were Democrats.” They were also an interracial family, with an African-American mother and a White father.

The trouble began when the Wagmans invited their new friends in for a final drink after the annual Camp Sierra Association poker game. The friends announced that they were members of the Tea Party, and for good measure, they added that the Tea Party was not racist because, they, an interracial couple, had been eagerly welcomed and accepted by their Tea Party compatriots. [The Mind of a Racist Twat]*

Ain't they something.

* "Twat" used in the good way



Occupy Oakland Thugs Charged with Robbery, Hate Crimes

Here are the three winners charged with the crimes:
Res Ipsa Loquitur
Res Ipsa Loquitur
Res Ipsa Loquitur
Michael Davis, charged with felony counts of robbery and hate crimes.--  born 3/24/79 Nneka Crawford, charged with felony counts of robbery and hate crimes.--  born  3/29/88 Randolph Wilkins, charged with felony counts of robbery and hate crimes.--  born  3/5/87

    The victim told officers she had been walking down the street, across from the Wells Fargo bank, near a small group of Occupy Oakland protesters calling for a riot. The victim, who has been a resident of the area for over 20 years, suggested to the protesters not to riot in her neighborhood.

    She was surrounded by three protestors and battered as they yelled vulgar epithets regarding their perception of her sexual orientation. Her wallet was taken during the crime. The victim broke away from the group, and called police who were able to arrest one suspect near the scene…

    The two additional suspects were located and arrested at a February 29th Occupy protest following investigation by the OPD Major Crimes Section.  (H/T Skoonj)

BONUS!    #Occupy Idiot Catches on Fire – Suffers Second Degree Burns When He Torches Historic Colorado Landmark (Video)                  

Yup. They’re exactly like the tea party. 

The #Occupy radicals have put together quite a record of accomplishment since September:

- 9 deaths, 5 found dead in tents, One found dead after 2 days
- 2 murders (Not counting the protester who strangled his parents and stuffed them in a car)
- Tens of millions of dollars in damages, layoffs, vandalism, law breaking
- Multiple Rapes
- Thousands of arrests
- Public masturbation
- Feces
- Child molestation and baby abuse

The Banana Chronicles

Today's Girls With Bananas


A cracking good Breitbart speech

The Harvard Tapes

Steve Bannon, who was working with Breitbart on a new website project said "they do have the tapes, and have been going through them carefully. He said they will be released within 'a week or 10 days,'" [Freedom's  Lighthouse]

I wonder.  I wonder if Breitbart had film of Bill Ayers,  telling a  radical Harvard law student named Barry Obama that he, Obama,  was selected to become president in 2008,  and thus complete their coup d'etat — I wonder if  it would change anything?  I doubt it would even be mentioned at all on the evening news.  Out-criers  would be tagged as  "coupers," and dismissed as nuts.   Because it's worked so far.  

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Res Ipsa Loquitur

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