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Who's stupid? Whose Racist?

Racial Politics
The Talk: Nonblack Version

Res Ipsa Loquitur
.John Derbyshire, who wrote for the National Review, penned a column that criticized blacks and accused them of being dangerous generally. It also advised readers to stay away from (some) blacks. (National Review)
There is much talk about “the talk.”

“Sean O’Reilly was 16 when his mother gave him the talk that most black parents give their teenage sons,”
Denisa R. Superville of the Hackensack (NJ) Record tells us. Meanwhile, down in Atlanta: “Her sons were 12 and 8 when Marlyn Tillman realized it was time for her to have the talk,” Gracie Bonds Staples writes in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Leonard Greene  talks about the talk in the New York Post. Someone bylined as KJ Dell’Antonia talks about the talk in The New York Times. Darryl Owens talks about the talk in the Orlando Sentinel.

Yes, talk about the talk is all over. [...]

I'll leave it to you to agree, or not, on the points Derbyshire  made to his kids.  We never had any "talk" with our own kids'   Most parenting, I think, is by "conveyance."  Kids watch how parents react in certain situations.  Our kids certainly sensed when the wife and me were uneasy, and sensed danger. Lion cubs do that too.  What really doomed Derbyshire though,  was the same thing that doomed Charles Murray for writing The Bell Curve,  or Nobel Prize Winner and DNA pioneer Dr.  James Watson, for their findings about genetics and intelligence.

.(11) The mean intelligence of blacks is much lower than for whites. The least intelligent ten percent of whites have IQs below 81; forty percent of blacks have IQs that low. Only one black in six is more intelligent than the average white; five whites out of six are more intelligent than the average black. These differences show in every test of general cognitive ability that anyone, of any race or nationality, has yet been able to devise. They are reflected in countless everyday situations. “Life is an IQ test.” [Derbyshire]

We were at a dear friend's home, very, very Liberal friends,  for a family affair once.  I found myself introducing the subject of the Bell Curve.  Nobody in the room knew what the hell I was talking about, so I explained that Charles Murray found evidence that the Negro race were, on the whole, less intelligent than other races.  Holy crap!  The words  "you racist asshole" went bouncing off  every wall.  One of the sons, then a Peace Corp worker, and normally very mild mannered,  was particularly agitated  (did I say we were all drinking?). Race has nothing to do with intelligence levels!  he demanded.  I asked— wait, weren't we just just talking about how Blacks, by virtue of unusual tendon and muscle genetics (or some-such) were vastly superior in sports?  Especially where speed and jumping ability are involved?  Hmmmm?  Would you be upset if I commented on the vaunted large genetically endowed Black penis (not supported in my years of taking showers in gyms and barracks, btw)?  How come genetics can be discussed in good humor if they indicate superiority, but not  shortfall?"  I was literally asked to leave their home.  Who was being the racist  here?

By the by, when Murray died, his wife said she was flooded with calls from his erstwhile associates.  They, who had  abandoned him when he came under Liberal attack,    apologizing for their cowardice., and agreeing Murray's work followed sound scientific discipline and norms.  Rich Lowry  (who fired Derbyshire) may be calling Mrs. Derbyshire with his mea culpas one day.

What this is really all about,  is that since Obama has been on the national scene, race relations are worse than they have been at any time in our history. They are toxic!  And it is not any accident.

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