Thursday, July 19, 2012

F-!5 Kadena AB


Go to full screen and turn speakers on.

Comment from a fighter pilot: This is without reservation the best video I have ever viewed depicting air-to air combat. The producer and photographer were able to show perspective of the entire arena in a way I've never seen.
This is as "real" as it could possibly be! When the pilot got into a scissors or Luffberry I could almost feel the g's!

A day in the life of a fighter pilot. Filmed at Kadena AB , Okinawa .
cuzzin ricky

It's a long story

As a matter of fact I am glad to see you. Why do you ask?

Nappy Slaps Head

Police State Culture                   

Nappy's Brainstorm
Nappy's Brainstorm

Lotto Plants and Snot Suckers

Two Things
Res Ipsa Loquitor

The two seem to go together nicely, but I can't explain why. Obama's reelection campaign would do well to offer the Lotto Plant to donors.

Penny Lincoln

art is everywhere

I don't need no stinking art gallery

rollover detail

My S-I-L's latest - 7000+ pennies.  Awesome.

Turning Point For Whom? The Dead?

Turning Point

Illegal Alien Candy

Police State Culture                   

Nappy's Dicks On The Job
Capture Two Men Smuggling Candy Eggs

Now that the administration no longer worries about protecting the Mexican border, Napolitano's border police can focus on Americans coming back from Canada with chocolate eggs.

Res Ipsa LoquitorKOMO-TV reports ( ) that Brandon Loo and Christopher Sweeney were on a recent trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, when they decided to bring home some treats for friends and family.

They bought Kinder Eggs — chocolate eggs with a toy inside.

Border guards searched their car and found the eggs. The two men say they were asked if they knew the eggs were illegal in the United States and carry a potentially hefty fine.

Sweeney says the bust was a waste of his time and the agents' time. The men eventually got off with a warning.

At Easter time, U.S. Customs and Border Protection warned on its website that while the treats "may be cute and seasonal" they are too dangerous to be imported legally into the U.S. Customs says young children could choke on the small plastic toy.

The Contrived Occupy Movement

Hitler's Mustache                       

OCCUPY:  gestation period of a frilled shark (3 ½ Yrs)

According to “Occupy Unmasked,” a new film from Citizens United due later this summer, the Occupy movement was organized by radical leftist activists from the very beginning.

Steve Bannon — writer, producer and director of the film — told The Daily Caller in an interview that “Occupy was only spontaneous to the untrained eye. The radical left didn’t hijack it, they planned it out.”

“If you follow closely, Occupy is simply the continuation of the peace and anti-war movement from the sixties,” Bannon said  Read more:

That the Occupy Wall Street movement wasn't spontaneous is hardly news, but it's nice to see the cavalry show up.

Satans Hobbies

Satan's Hobbies
Res Ipsa Loquitor

The following subjects are considered "doorways to demonic possession": Illuminati, Scientology, Remote viewing, Democrats, Cyberpunk culture, Vegetarianism, Lord of the Rings, Lycanthropy, Postmodernism, Alt "comix", Marihuana & Pot parties, LSD/shrooms, Video games, Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons, Halloween, Fornication, Skull & Bones, Rock Music, Burning Man, Twilight films, and Goth culture, among other happy mutant interests.

Oh my.  It appears that either Boing-Boing altered my copy of Satan's Hobbies, or I their's.??

more "mummy porn"

    Must Eat Brains                         
Egad Watson, What's that in your pocket?

The announcement comes following the phenomenal success of EL James's "mummy porn" title Fifty Shades Of Grey
Some original fans of Jane Eyre might be unhappy to discover that the female protagonist has "explosive sex with Mr Rochester" in the publisher's erotic edition.

In Wuthering Heights, heroine Catherine Earnshaw "enjoys bondage sessions" with Heathcliff while sleuth Sherlock Holmes has a sexual relationship with his sidekick Dr Watson in the new e-book. [Article]

Okay Jesus, start the Rapture.

Bottle o' Jack

Thug Culture                                                 

Question: What's the difference between justice and punishment? #DIRTYLAUNDRY

NSFW-Violence, Language. but Happy Ending

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    Best Jack Daniel's advertisement ever

    There were clearly white males among the criminals. In fact, the criminals looked liked one of those TV multicultural gangs that were made so that no one gets offended.