Tuesday, September 04, 2012



The New Breed Dem - Ugly but still haughty

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Street vendors' artwork portrays Obama as Jesus...
Dems Drop 'God' From Party Platform...
Jerusalem: Pro-Israel Language Removed...
Endorse taxpayer-funded abortions...
DNC Video: 'The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To'...
Another Delegate Compares GOP To Hitler...
Debt Now $136,249 Per Household...

Democrats set to move Obama's big speech to smaller arenar-arena.



I guess a BJ would be out of the question?

Today's veddy smug and ignorant Liberal twattle.

I guess a BJ is out of the question?

Ain't that cute?  Imagine, the GOP actually once supported equal rights?  Must have been in 1861, because in my memory no Republican platform has escaped being called "extremist," and "right-wing" by these harpies.

 Of course the GOP are against people making higher wages, right?  That's why they keep finding new ways to bleed them with new taxes.  Oh, right.  Ahem.  Wait— Mz. Terkel must be excused for confusing a free market with government mandated wage scales;  it's all just too confusing for the pasty-face cloister. 

And, Mz. Terkel, under what particular part of our Constitution is there the right for a gaggle of Terkels to spend my money promoting their idea of art?  Just asking.

This is all silly, and shame on me for wasting your time, and mine.  A knee jerk,  This is why were at war with them. Click-Click.

10 Senate Candidates - Not 8

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          It's the top of the seventh— time to stretch

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This ad, paid for by the American Conservatives Fund, is running on various websites, like Drudge.  For some reason they left Maine Republican Charles Summers out of the mix. The Maine seat is open because Vichy Republican Olympia Snowe is retiring, citing the Senate's "atmosphere of polarization."  Miss Snowe just wanted to be loved. That opened the door for former Gov. Angus King, who is running as an "independent."

Mr. King stepped in and said he would run as an independent. But his record, and his announced intention of voting for President Obama, suggests a likely alliance with the Democrats. The nonpartisan Rothenberg Political Report now puts Maine in the “leans Democratic” column. (NYT)


Akin was likely left out because this group probably has a bit too much Vichy-GOP DNA, and are spooked because the media piled on him for an ill considered comment, not even close in importance to Obama's "57 States,"  or any of a hundred others  Akin was ahead of Democrat incumbent McCaskill, and the race is still up in the air. That's a potential flip of eight senate seats for us, and that's what President Romney will need to outlaw the Democrat Party. 


Crap & Go

        GREEN CLAP

Clap & Go!
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The basis is a three-wheeled, 250cc trike, with a specially built toilet as the seat. It's important to note that the contraption does not (necessarily) run on the rider's (*ahem*) leavings. Rather, the vehicle runs on livestock waste, or waste water. The toilet-derived seat is just a rather blatant advertising device. [full]
Reader dimitras sent the link, adding " it's you !"  Well, no;  it's Top Gear's invention. .       →