Thursday, September 06, 2012

Been a good day after all

Res Ipsa Loquitor

I ought to be energized by this political season, but just now I'm gulping  Zoloft, Ritalin and Jack Daniels milkshakes by the mug full.  I like to know the rules of things I'm involved with.  I like order. If I lose according to Hoyle, no problem. I worked for a guy once—well not really worked for him since it was a 100% straight commission job, and I was making more money than I knew what to do with.  Then the guy started changing the rules (i.e. commission structure), and making demands on how I spent my time. I saw him as a liar and cheat, and couldn't work for him anymore.

I felt that way in 1992 while watching Bill Clinton debate President Bush 41 (whom he called "Mr. Bush").  Clinton just made shit up.  How can you debate a guy like Clinton, a sociopath who believes every lie he utters is true?  Like claiming a leading, unnamed, economics professor had looked at his economic plan (raise taxes) and called it genius.  Later we found out the " professor" was a college teacher nobody had ever heard of.   Didn't matter. Media never called him on it.  Everyone knew  he was lying every day for eight years, but the media was just agog over his ability to lie and get away with it. I saw him as a liar and cheat; couldn't understand why everyone didn't.  Unlike today, when we expect a corrupt, sycophantic press, before Clinton it wasn't quite that blatant.

That's where I am now, listening to the daily dispatches from the Obama mill.  Where are the rules?  It's not like nobody's paying attention; look at Drudge.  His whole page is filled with preposterous stuff.  It don't matter.  Obamunists don't look, won't listen, are unreachable and don't care. They know this is a civil war- they started it. There are no rules for them.

I'm like you.  Get so frustrated that my head turns to doing things that will help.  Earlier tonight I flew a P-51 over the Charlotte - whatever place they're at.  Strafed the crap out of them.  When I landed, a bunch of guys had captured Harry Reid and Axelrod trying  to escape.  I said, stuff 'em in boys, and I flew them over a working volcano in Iceland and dropped them in.  In my absence the Barn Army captured the whole gaggle of them at the convention.  I  ordered them chained in the hold of an old Navy laundry ship where they will spend the rest of their lives.  Never allowed to  read a newspaper.  Just eat and poop, like Philip Nolan. 

They offered to make me King, but I refused, saying this is still a democratic republic, and we will go back to square one. Hold new elections.  I gave them a list of who would win.  Mitt Romney  is president,  and  will do a nice job;  given that every member of Congress, and every federal judge is a Teaparty member in good standing (as determined by Sarah Palin).

I feel fucking great!  Buy Bohn Aluminum.


Obama channels George Smathers

The artful lie & ignorant people
Res Ipsa Loquitor

In 1950, a candidate for Congress in Florida named George Smathers reportedly gave speeches to rural, uneducated voters and accused his incumbent opponent, Claude Pepper, of being “a known extrovert” who practiced “celibacy” before marriage, practiced “nepotism” with his sister-in-law, “matriculated” with women in college and had a sister who was “a thespian” and brother who was “a practicing homo sapien.”

In the world of political campaigns, the story is legendary. In truth, what we know today is that Smathers crushed Pepper in that election. What we don't know for sure is what role those speeches played, if any, in his win over the popular incumbent. [Obama channels George Smathers]

With all the seriousness I can muster, I'll say that damn near any Democrat running today could win his primary with exactly that speech. Add— "Niggardly!  Yessir! That's what he calls people who don't adequately contribute  to his campaign!  Calls them niggardly!"—and he would top the Democrat presidential ticket.

Long Long Ago ...

Oh My


Color the terrorists

Res Ipsa LoquitorOh honey, Susie scratched Bill Ayer's eyes out.  Isn't that just precious?

Oh My. Obama's Auto Biographer made the cut

Rollover Fun

This is actually a A Great Learning Tool - And only $8.99!

A Fine Clinton Rollover

                      —   Two that missed the cut (last post) 

Give Bill credit for raising Chelsea like she was his own daughter

Clinton 69% Popular

Poll of the Day: Bill Clinton is Mr. Popular -- USA Today/Gallup poll of Bill Clinton's favorability: 69% of American adults registered a favorable opinion of Clinton, 27% unfavorable. The result is Clinton's best ever, dating back to right before his inauguration in 1993.

How disheartening is this?  Bill Clinton is John the Baptist to Obama's Jesus.  No Clinton, no Obama.  Click here for the full size montage.

Car stuff

If you own a 1984 Corvette, it's worth eleventy-million dollars—and 9 other mostly boring facts about American muscle cars.

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Little-Known Fact:
There is no production 1983 Corvette. Although 1982 was the last year for the third-generation Corvette, Chevy decided to wait until the 1984 model year to launch the all-new car. Why? Some sources claim tighter emissions regulations necessitated more time for development. Others say that quality glitches at the factory were the real reason. All we know is every 1983 Corvette prototype was destroyed, except one: a white car that now lives at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky.

Little-Known Fact: The Chevrolet Corvette has always been Chevy's top performance car. And up until the LS6, GM wouldn't allow any other Chevy to carry a horsepower rating higher than that of the Corvette. But somehow that stance was relaxed for 1970—the highest horsepower engine you could get in a 1970 Corvette was a 390-hp LS5 454. An LS7 was planned with 465 hp, but it was never officially sold. So why no LS6? An LS6 Corvette was offered for 1971, but its potency slipped (at least officially) to 425 hp.
What?  You want more Obama crap?

Dems: Outlaw Profits

Enemy  general staff interrogated     

In the post below this one, I may have unfairly practiced hyperbole by suggesting that Democrats want God removed from their lives, when probably only 70-80% feel that way.  Here, however, our interrogator squeezes truth from the Democrat General Staff.  They see profits as the source of all evil, and something to be outlawed!  Fortunately, none appear to be very bright. 


Here'sssssss Debbie

Obama-Biden 2012
after removing "God" and "Jerusalem" from the Democrat Party

At that point, John King fabulously said, “If I had a follow-up question, it would be did she ever get away with the dog ate my homework?”

That led to laughter from all present making it clear that this panel was not buying the DNC chair's explanation.

It will be interesting to watch how other media outlets handle this matter in the next 24 hours.

Stay tuned.  Read more:

The The staggeringly stupid Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the official voice of the Democrat Party (Chairman).

Here's the live C-Span event [For    posterity]  Does it sound like a 2/3 majority to you?