Saturday, November 17, 2012

Invisible Man?

Oh My
Who is that invisible guy?

Hoops Prediction - Make Money!

Rodge, this is off topic, but I've been impressed over the years with your ability to predict who will be the next NCAA hoops champion.  Mwn (sic) and  woemen's(sic)

Conrad Noodleman
 Aw shucks Connie.  This one is easy though.  Maryland.

The democrat 'trickle-down- program

The democrat's 'trickle down' program                     

The principal of a District high school and two staff members have been accused of beating up a former co-worker after a homecoming football game.

Thelma Jarrett, principal of Calvin Coolidge High School in Northwest Washington, surrendered to D.C. police Thursday morning on a warrant charge of simple assault.

Jarrett and two other women, Donna Pixley, 52, and Bridgette V. Stevens, 42, are accused of hitting and kicking a former employee in a parking lot outside the high school football stadium in Northwest on Nov. 2.

The victim, Rashida King-Hicks, told D.C. police she heard Jarrett say, "Get her, bitch!" before the blows rained down on her.

Here's a shortcut outline for a  thesis on "When Democrats Are in Charge." 

Find out how  many school shootings; and how many incidents of in-class sexual union—  from first grade up—were reported before and after Bill Clinton took office in 1992.  Have  there been increases in black-on-white crime since Obama took office?  Duh?

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Tom Mann

National AMMO Day