Tuesday, December 04, 2012



Dear Andy Harris; re Allen West

Dear Congressman Andy Harris:
I am asking you to take the lead in getting the ball rolling.

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Dear Congressman Andy Harris:

As I advance into my dotage,  it's pretty clear this will be my last opportunity to write to a Congressman I actually voted for, at least as a resident of Maryland.

I cannot begin to tell you the depth of my despair over the recent election results. There was so much documented fraud,  much of which was reported in real time,  that I find it impossible to accept that Barack Obama was legitimately reelected.   But then,  there's not much that even you can do about that, at least without actions that would lead you into infamy. Ahem.  There is however one election fraud that the House of Representatives can do something about. I speak of Rep. Allen West's  defeat at the hands of the Democrat party,  and one Patrick Murphy.

As I'm sure you know, Rep. West  appeared to have won reelection until, mysteriously (shades of Ellen Sauerbray),  at 1 AM, 4000 Murphy ballots suddenly appeared. The fraud here is so blatant that I am amazed that the Department of Justice hasn't already interceded *he said bitterly* .  

Anyway, that only one precinct in St. Lucie County had less than a 113% turnout pretty much says it all.  Hell, one  St. Lucie County polling place had 158.85% voter turnout, the highest in the country.  That's characteristic of the Democrat's in-your -face  lawlessnesses since Obama.   I think everybody knows, or damn well should know,  that Alan West's defeat was due entirely to this massive election fraud.

The Federal Contested Elections act of 1969, in conjunction with Article 1,  Section 5 of the United States Constitution lay out the procedure for refusing to seat Patrick Murphy. Yes, Allen West must file a notice of contest, and present to the clerk of the House testimony from witnesses—of which the impossible voter turnout numbers alone  ought suffice— and present it to the Clerk of the House.  I'm pretty sure Rep. West will do his part if the Republican caucus shows support.  From there, it's simple.  A simple majority vote will send Murphy packing.

 I am asking you to take the lead in getting the ball rolling.

This action has importance on many different levels. First in importance, I believe, is the message to the American people that there are still some good guys left in government. Secondly,  it serves notice to the Democrat party that, at  least here, the rule of law will prevail.  And third, it will keep another unelected Democrat usurper from an undeserved seat of  power.

Everything I just said about Congressman West's  election also holds true for Barack Obama's.  Especially in the key swing states, where the same type of election fraud was pervasive.    I'm not stupid enough to think that the GOP establishment would stick its neck out here, even if there was something that could be done;  but there is impeachment.  No matter that the Senate would refuse to convict; it's the right thing to do.

Thank you very much Congressman Harris for your service.  As the sole elected Republican in Maryland's congressional delegation,  you are alone in this battle between good and evil. Please remember, there is no right way to do the wrong thing. 

Sincerely, and with wishes for a Merry Christmas...

I will post Rep. Harris's reply - if there is one. After all, I am now redistricted into Prince George's County.  Here's my new Representative in Congress. I don't think we'll get along.