Saturday, December 22, 2012

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Oh My

Cousin Ricky

Obama Claus

Oh My

Tommy Joe Mann
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Tommy Lee Smith

Ellen DeGeneres Stretching Things

What I Saw                               
I am not making this up
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Res Ipsa Loquitor

Even though Ellen is pretty cute, you know hers ain't been used much in the normal, you know, way.  So why go and stretch things?  Course I don't know what lesbians do, so I'm not one to talk. Where the hell is Helly when I need her? HELLY!


What I Saw                                 

Me and MoSup Christmas gifted Mo-Sup with a   Famous Maker 46" 1080p 3D LED HDTV  for $405 Delivered! (Woot).  3-DShe had a lousy 32 inch SEKO that didn't get full HD, and had no recognized code for the Verizon remote.  When it was being unloaded from the truck yesterday, I looked—gasp.  HFS!  The "famous maker" is SONY!  But, when the guy put the box down in the hallway—see rollover.   It was a COBY!?!

My first thought was of Manhattan discount stores selling SOMY electronics and such.  Yikes. I Googled COBY and up popped ads from Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc.; so I felt better.

Getting to the bottom line—HMFS! Out of the box this is the best picture I've ever seen, and I have a Sony 46" LCD in the den. LED rocks.  I can pick this thing up with one hand. My selling point to MoSup was that she can leave it running for a year with $2 of electricity.  I overstated, but not by a whole hell of a lot.   Coby claims a yearly cost of $21.  Plus, the picture is viewable from any angle.

After charging up the included 3-D glasses, I  found RIO on Verizon, and HFS!  It's freaking 3-D! It's wonderful—way way better than the only other 3-D movie I ever saw, House of Wax. And get this.  ESPN is going 3-D at year end!  HFS!!!

Anyway, I'm happy.  MoSup's flabbergasted.  The sumbitch might break in a year, but for now this is one sweet deal. I just noticed that the Woot promo does say "Coby 46" 1080p 3D LED HDTV, 3 HDMI." Now it does. I swear it didn't when I first tuned in.

The Plague

Today's PSA

Exit Tax

Oh My

Lying Mayan Wetbacks


Res Ipsa Loquitor

Man, we're still here? Glad I didn't at the last minute believe them Mayan wetbacks, and not steal the Bentley from City Motors, or do that cheerleaders thing.   Phew.