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HI, I'm smibsid's daughter and i heard about your doggy:( I was sad too when we lost our dog i hurts. Just wanted to let you know i'll be thinking about you :) smidsid's daughter
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Craziest thing.  I just now caught myself looking to see where Reagan was.  I told MoSup, and she asked "when did Reagan die?"  I said 3 years, she said two.  So I looked it up, and this was near the bottom of the comments, and I totally missed it.  Is that the sweetest thing, or what?

smibsid, tell her "thank you."

It doesn't get better than this --

 “Let me offer you my
definition of social
justice: I keep what I
earn and you keep
what you earn. Do
you disagree? Well
then tell me how
much of what I earn
belongs to you
— and why”


Unhinged Assholes - Flap Flap Flap

When Democrats are in charge                                               

su casha mi casha


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"Even though federal law largely bars illegal immigrants from obtaining Medicaid coverage, the program annually pays out more than $2 billion in free emergency coverage that mostly goes to illegal immigrants, according to Kaiser Health News. The vast majority of the total emergency care reimbursements cover delivering babies, Kaiser reports. Based on a Kaiser data analysis of the states believed to have the greatest populations of illegal immigrants — including California, New York, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Illinois and Florida — more than 100,000 people annually receive emergency care that is reimbursed by Medicaid."

Knead Free Bread


Stuff you don't really knead.

Jim Lahey's "No Knead Bread" is intriguing for it's simplicity.  Add 3 cups AP flour, tsp salt , 1/4 tsp. yeast and a cup and ½ water.  Stir it up with your hand and let it perk on the counter for 12-hrs or more.  Dump it on floured counter, fold it into itself and let rest for two hours.  Plop it into a covered pot and bake for 30 min, and another 15 minutes with the lid off. 

The video above sorts all this out, including recommending bread flour.   P.S.-- If you're going to do your own in-home instructional video, about anything, this is a good model. 

As stated earlier, in my enthusiasm to create a larder for when we have to go to blankets, I bought 100 pounds of AP flour from Wal-Mart.  100 pounds.  Now that I've got back into bread making again, I know that bread flour, with its increased level of gluten, is what I need.  Giant is currently selling a 3# bag Pillsbury Bread flour (King Arthur sets the standard) for $5.29!  No problem.  I bought Vital Wheat Gluten, (roll-over) which, when added to all purpose flour (1 TBSP per cup), makes bread flour.    TIP-If you add 1 cup to 1 cup of flour,  you can fill dents in your car with it.

I substituted one cup rye in the above recipe and while I haven't cut into it yet (it's for Reuben sandwiches, and now that it's Lent we have to wait until tomorrow) but it has a good knock.

By the by, for those off you who look at me as being infallible in all things not pertaining to who will win elections, this confession.  From the before times I remembered that trick, but added  cornstarch instead of VWG.  That makes cake flour, and a very poor base for bread.  


Speaking of Pillars of Salt

Tom of the Jungle

Fun or Prophet?

The Humanity                        


The claim centers on Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro (Peter in English) Evasio Bertone, born in Romano Canavese, Piedmont, the current secretary of state for the Vatican, who Pope Benedict XVI appointed Camerlengo, or Chamberlain, of the Holy Roman Church April 4, 2007.

In the period known as "sede vacante," when there is no sitting pope, Bertone will be called upon as Camerlengo to serve as the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

He will be in charge until the College of Cardinals attending the upcoming Papal Conclave in the Sistine Chapel select a new pope.


By setting up the College of Cardinals to elevate an Italian cardinal to the papacy, Pope Benedict XVI could help fulfill the Malachy prophecy, making Cardinal Bertone – "Peter of Romano" by virtue of one of his given names and his place of birth – the "final pope."  [FULL]

Well, we won't have long, one way or another, to see how accurate this is.  The faithful who follow the Medjugorje prophecies know that Mary sees the church full of corruption (but calls Benedict a "Holy Man.")  Her judgement of United States-

Hey, where else can you see the occasional beautiful nipple and all this as well?