Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elvis and Me

Old Times There Are Not Forgotten ...

Res Ipsa Loquitor
Francois  ca 2002

Francois just sent me this. There's a back story.

Back in the day I had, where my computer desk is now, a million watt stage amplifier, two 40" high stage speakers, assorted mixing equipment, a reverb, electronic drum, a floor mike and an electric gee-tar.  I'd open the windows and serenade passers-by with C-D-F-Em and G rock and roll music like House of the Rising Sun. For some reason nobody called the police. 

Francois  is my erstwhile neighbor.  He and wife Evvy were our companions in some of the best times we ever had as adults.  When Frank and I got looped, which was often enough, I'd walk him home so he didn't have to crawl.  Once there however, he had to hold me up so I could get home.  We often solved this circular loop with a couple more beers and some showtime!  At 2 AM.

 Frank has a terrific voice, and our favorite, by far, song was this very Elvis tune.  I wish we had recorded it.  But in my mind, it sounds just like this rendition.

Thanks Frank!

No cure for that yeast infection

                                                                                                                                                                                             Gizmos that don't work 
Sorry, you'll just have to keep washing your left hand

Res Ipsa Loquitor

I was tempted to purchase the Woot Deals Sanitizing Wand.  Fortunaately I decise3d to sheck up on it and found this samplong from Amazon

The UVC intensity in this Verilux design is so low that for you to truly destroy any microorganisms on a surface you will have to keep it on the surface shining in one spot for over 30 minutes. It does not kill on contact, the intensity of UVC light is too low. In addition, the more you use it, the less UVC is emitted and the bulbs will have to be replaced annually. For you to truly destroy ALL micro organisms (virus, bacteria, mold) on just a pillow surface, you will have to hold the Verilux at every square inch of the pillow for 30 mins at a time. Thus, you would be standing, holding this unit for probably 4-6 hours to truly clean your pillow. You know what's easier, steam cleaning or taking the laundry and washing it. Or using a UVC system design for air treatment installed in your Air Conditioning System. Marketing over hypes the science behind UVC and leads customers to believe in products they shouldn't. This puts a bad name on the UVC products that actually perform, but are priced over $600. I wouldn't waste money on this product or any handheld UVC product.

You're welcome



Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Which State Has the Highest Food Stamp Usage of All?

if we reversed the ranking and did a Self-Reliance Index, Virginia, Florida, and Georgia would score in the top 10. Nevada, arguably the nation’s most libertarian state, is the state with the lowest number of non-poor people signed up for welfare.
A few quick observations. Why is Vermont (by far) the state with the largest proportion of non-poor people signed up for welfare programs? I have no idea, but maybe this explains why they elect people like Bernie Sanders. But it’s not just Vermont. Four of the top five states on the Moocher Index are from the Northeast, as are six of the top nine.

I'd never heard of the (aptly named) Moocher Index.  I found it while walking this trail

The food stamp program seems to be a breeding ground of waste, fraud, and abuse. Some of the horror stories I’ve shared include:

With stories like this, I’m surprised my head didn’t explode during this debate I did on Larry Kudlow’s show.

So exactly how bad is the food stamp program? (Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall continued)

More Hummers?

The 24/7 News Cycle  
                                                                                    Trying to fill it is a bitch when you're not allowed to report any democrat negative.

Albino Hummer

  Morning Hummers

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Res Ipsa Loquitor(Samurai AG) Teresa from Virginia sent me this story from her neck of the woods. Rather than individually copy each of her pictures I found this slide-show on Puffington Host. There I found something even more fantastic than an Albino Hummingbird - a Hummingbird in Chicago in Winter time!