Wednesday, April 10, 2013

AKA Beelzebub

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He's Back!
Res Ipsa Loquitor

Not to beat up on Barry any more than is proper, but I watched the Passion of the Christ over the weekend.  The first time since we saw it in the theater 10 years ago.  Before anyone but Obama's insertion team knew who he was.  Once again I was startled to notice in Satan's character a surprising likeness to the man recognized as our President. That's cosmic, man.



The Sounds of Spring - Boingggg!

Did you know that a woodpecker opens and closes its eyes in between each peck? In between each rapid-fire peck the little bird opens its eyes, focuses, aims its beak, closes its eyes and then hits the tree with its pointed beak. Not only does the woodpecker close its eyes to keep the wood chips out, but also for another very important reason. Scientists have measured the force of the impact of the bird’s head against the hardwood tree. The force is so powerful that if the bird did not close its eyes it would pop its eyeballs out! Have you ever seen a blind woodpecker? They never forget to close their eyes. Only God could design this! [more]

I took the picture of the Cardinal last Thursday through the kitchen window, and the (rollover) Woodpecker on Saturday.  I am struck by how fast Spring sprang in two days.

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My Legacy, Part Quatre

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Democrat's Useful Idiots cont.

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