Thursday, April 25, 2013

Learning to go with the flow


Res Ipsa Loquitor
Huck Huck Boy Top Redskin Pick

I told you everything was coming up Milhouse, and it continues. My son Hucker is the Redskin's first draft pick (3rd round) this year, and he hasn't even played football since the Great Thanksgiving Shootout at Miller's Pond in 1998.

But wait!  There's even more.   My eldest son is starring in a new HBO sports series (112 episodes) about basketball coaching legend Lefty Driesell (premiers Jan. 2014). He inked a 2.7 $billion conract, and as his agent I get 15%.

Holy crap - Channel 11 just announced that Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and the entire Maryland House of Del agates and Senate have been indicted for voter fraud, conspiracy, and embezzlement of just under $1 billion! 

Res Ipsa Loquitor

I'm not sure how this whole thing works.  I know I'm in some bubble universe where I get to make up a lot of my own shit. I mean, none of this stuff could possibly happen in the regular world.  But if, say, I got Angelina Jolie pregnant, would she know about it?   I mean, how interactive is this deal?

Holy crap!  Obama just jumped over the rail at Niagara Falls!

California Once Had Promise

Do you know what happened 163 years ago?
Back in 1850?

Res Ipsa Loquitor

California became a state

The people had no electricity.
The state had no money.
Almost everyone spoke Spanish.
There were gunfights in the streets.

So basically nothing has changed except then the

Women had real boobs and the men didn't hold hands.
That, my friends, is the history lesson for today!


Has the Fat Lady Sung?

Police State Culture

Game Over?
Begin a new season

Truth be known, we lost the war on terror the minute Bush created the Kafkaesque "Department of Homeland Security" (Abteilung Innere Sicherheit).  Or. was it the very second the first traffic cam was installed?  Or was it that moment when  Virgina Cassidy Blythe Clinton Kelly decided to go ahead and have the kid?  Or when Rose Kennedy failed to have her tubes tied before marriage? Or ... .   *insert sheep sounds*
Chief Nose Wetter

Super Commie

             OBAMA: Super Hero

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Obama is the first US president who was raised without cultural or emotional or intellectual ties to either Britain or Europe. The British and the Europeans have been so enchanted with  'America's first black president' that they haven't been able to see what he really is: America's first Third World president. Mary Ellen Synon

For somebody with little to no understanding of American, or even western culture, I find poses like this—that Obamunists clearly, and somehow identify with—something of a conundrum,  Until now.


Prime Suspect BBC

   At The Cinema                           

Prime Suspect, BBC
Best Series Ever

I expected that Prime Suspect was a Helen Mirren movie.  But it's better than that.  It's a series.  Here's the episode that hooked me, and it's probably important that it i your first.  After that, watch at will.  Now here's the part that I'm most proud of.  I'm thinking, "This is such a great series that I'm surprised the sterile minds in Hollywood haven't latched onto it." 

Prime Suspect | NBC
From director Peter Berg comes the re-imagining of the British television hit starring Maria
Bello as the tough-as-nails detective who doesn't know when to quit.

Do I know those pinheads or what?  Re-imaging indeed.

As for Sir Helen Mirren, I thought she was hot stuff when she drove the reasonably priced car on Top Gear, and here she is a decade earlier.  Hot stuff.

Also,  episodes appear to be available on You Tube.  You're welcome.
Disclaimer:  Movie critic TRKOF never goes to the cinema, does not watch network television, does not pay attention to other reviews, and operates in a vacuum.