Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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McAuliffe's dodgy off-shore tax shelter

" GreenTech is a subsidary of CWH and McAuliffe obtained 25 percent of the stock. ...  Next, it started recruiting outside investors – primarily from China – through a program called EB-5 that grants visas to foreign citizens in exchange for minimum $500,000 investments in U.S. companies. "

The parent company of a “green” car venture with ties to the Obama administration and Democratic Party leader Terry McAuliffe is incorporated in the tax shelter country of the British Virgin Islands, Watchdog has learned.

Yet just nine months ago McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee chairman and part owner of GreenTech Automotive Inc., blasted Mitt Romney over allegations the presidential candidate had an offshore bank account.

"When Democrats accuse others of wrong doing, you can bet the ranch that they're the ones doing it"  That idea has become  a cultural meme because it's happened so many times since the Clinton. Terror, that even dullards have picked up on it.  I particularly noticed the China connection—McAuliffe was a key player in Chinagate. Like Obama's, the Clinton Administration was so corrupt that if all were sentenced to life in prison, out-of hand, the odds are excellent that no innocent would suffer an outrage.

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