Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Rorschach Tests I Have Failed

'57 Chevy Bike

Almost Perfect, But Wait ....
Look.  What's the one thing missing that keeps it just short of perfection?  (Roll Over)

As seen

Blue Genes

Oh My

Blue Genes wot

Mandatory Guns LOL

As with Nelson and Kennesaw, Georgia, which was the first town to pass such an ordinance in 1982, the Nucla law contains certain exemptions, such as those who are physically or mentally handicapped as well as those individuals who are conscientious objectors or oppose to gun ownership for religious reasons.

In other words, mandatory gun ownership is not really enforced. The ordinance is merely a political statement to lawmakers at the state and federal level who are constantly pushing a gun control agenda — as Long pointed out. [full]

Here's the money-shot; the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence has filed a lawsuit against Nelson arguing that the ordinance violates citizens’ Second, Amendment rights.


Oh My

Just a Suggestion

NoBama! It's all a fake!


  • The picture the government does not want you to see
  • There is no President Obama
  • There is no Washington D.C.
  • There is no real government
  • "I'm in charge here." - The Real King of France
Res Ipsa Loquitor

Taliban Springs, CA     
That's what I see anyway

While not all haughtily smug, arrogant, and condescending liars ...

We Stand By It as a Theatrical Work

While not all haughtily smug, arrogant, and condescending liars 
are Lib Democrats,
it is true that all Lib Democrats are haughty
arrogant, and
condescending liars.  And  quite ignorant.
World Book of Internet Facts

Dem Senator uses for rant over global warming...

Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse took to the Senate floor to rail against his Republican colleagues for denying the theory of anthropogenic global warming.

Flashback 1975: Outbreaks Blamed On Global COOLING...

CBS Pulls Tornado-Themed Comedy...
Terminal PC Asshats

What?  You'd like to hear AlGore at his best?  Here.