Saturday, May 25, 2013


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A Different View


A Different View

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A different view

A Different View is a personal and vivid narrative of the author’s experience in a combat zone, showing not combat but the mundanity, humor, and boredom that make up ninety-nine percent of life ‘inside the wire.’ The author’s photos and narrative illustrate how service members cope and adapt to the surreal conditions, and how injury and death are still close by. This is a valuable book, and anyone who cares about America’s troops and the fight in the Middle East will find it worthwhile.”
Larry Bond, bestselling author of Shattered Trident

Author C. Blake Powers. who comments here as Laughing Wolf, has a second book out, "A Different View." I had previously sent him my journal about parachuting into Iran to assassinate Khomeniac, only to be betrayed by Jimmy Carter, and subsequently fighting my way out of a cordon of revolutionary guard led by, I've been told, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!  Laughing Wolf won't tell me if he used it in this latest book, but I think he did! 

By the way, he's still trying to raise money to get to Normandy to cover all the ceremonies and do as many interviews as I can while there are still veterans of that day there.  Because of "sequester" our participation has pretty much been dropped to one Major General and a bugler.  The Germans and Dutch are covering the airborne portions…  People can contribute via my site or by GoFundMe

Any help on either much appreciated.