Friday, July 05, 2013

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Such a Deal!

Res Ipsa Loquitor

I own a 48"  HD Sony television.  I have a developing cataract in the right eye that makes stuff blurry.  I have ears that show the wear of a million rounds of ammo fired (you did not wear ear protection when throwing hand grenades or firing an M-1 back in the day), and from the 10.000 watt speakers blaring out Twist and Shout at the Peppermint Cave.  So,  I use wireless earphones,  and sometimes have to squint to read yellow captions on a white background when trying to make sense of foreign movies, which include British and many American films. But I have discovered Nirvana in this i-PAD. 

I sit in my lazy boy holding a book that shows all my NetFlix and Amazon movies, in crystal clear high definition (I can  count individual bumps on an  areola) .  The closed captions are always easy to read, and the audio fed through my little Apple ear buds is quite adequate

I have SKYPE installed,  and can talk to cuzzin Rickey in Chad, or wherever the hell he is now, and watch as his lovely girlfriend passes behind him while fetching morning coffee. Free.

I'm damned near at the point where all I need by way of anything electronic is a  Wi-Fi connection.  Verizon is this close |-| to becoming obsolete in my world.  I think they know it.  I suspect that companies like Verizon will begin to take us back to the days when Compuserve and AOL charged customers (usually, exorbitantly) by minutes used.  That will leave the door open for companies to offer cellular type access to Wi-Fi.  Companies like NetFlix will allow subscribers to choose content ala carte, which will be a death blow to many of the parasite cable shows that don't draw a break-even audience. 

So, this iPad has made me a believer.  I suspect other androids will offer the same benefits, and possibly the same quality, but I have the Apple, so I'll stick with that.

The Obama Stink Rose

To the surprise of only the most naive and detached people alive

The White House pushed dirt on Darrell Issa, book says  

  • Obama White House use media to punish critics

  • Democrat Media Complex in near  'Lock-Step'

  • Obama Administration looks Nazi, acts Nazi, thinks Nazi

  • A rose by any other name ...
  • Blah blah blah

416,800 Americans died while trying to erase the Nazi Axis

Luxembourg American Cemetery