Monday, July 08, 2013

Freaky Deaky


The new me spends his mornings at Starbucks (for the wi-fi) watching all the people on their way to work (everyone in Maryland works for governement in some fshion. so everybody works) and watching movies.  Tosau I finished Freak-Deaky.  It's a wonder that I missed any Elmore Leonard based movie, but I did.  Freakey-Deaky is classic E.M. 

When it was over I clicked on "You'll Probably like The Inbetweeners'"

I wastched abour 5 minutets when the Starbucks girl intimated I shoulf order or Fet the gut out. so I walked to my hotel (charges xxtra for wi-fi)  I will keep watching.

I noted this comment in my turtle war post (What I Saw) below'

That's what I see too. Otherwise, what's the point?

He should know the point, but others with lower mileage  may not.  This blog is like a neighborhood beer jopint where people sit around listening to the bartender talk about whatever the hell he  happens to be interested in at the moment, and thne comment on it.  There doesn't have to be a point, and often isn't.  Is my catharsis.

See all thes misspelings?  My fingers don't cotton much to the iPad keyboard. and the solution TFV suggested privately doesnn't work with geration one iPads- which is what I have.  Maybe mine's Gen II.  Or maybe it's me squinty eyes?

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