Saturday, September 07, 2013

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New Jersey bans BB Guns?

New Jersey Adds Several  .... (WTF)?  AIR RIFLES to Its Banned Gun List

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Well, it’s official, New Jersey has jumped the shark on gun control (if they already hadn’t).

According to NJ2AS, the state has banned several types of popular, high end, air rifles.

Specifically, any air rifle that is made to be quieter by design.

One example of this is the Gamo Whisper line of rifles.

These rifles make great pest control rifles for people that own some land, but don’t want to disturb nearby neighbors with the sounds of traditional firearms.

This is, I believe,  no longer only about gun control;  it's about ideology.  The STATE is cracking heads in its struggle for supremacay over the concept of individual rights.

ILK: Ed Asner

Res Ipsa Loquitor
The good news for President Barack Obama as he considers a military response against Syria for using chemical weapons against rebels is that he probably won't have to deal with a similar anti-war movement from Hollywood. ...

While some conservatives (some?) see hypocrisy, Farrell says that an all-out war in Iraq under Bush, a Republican who was very unpopular in Hollywood, was a much bigger deal than potential missile strikes against Syria under the direction of Obama, a Democrat who drew millions for his campaigns from showbiz industry donors.

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