Sunday, December 08, 2013

Mandela - Voter ID Champion

Nelson Mandela promoted Voter ID
Why are these people so afraid of it?

Hey, she could pass for 5

When Grampy Babysits

Colorado WTF?

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The Police State               

OK Guys and Girls,
They really are here; it just isn’t rumor any more. This recently received from a friend.  Right here in western Colorado :

So, as I was about to park, I saw this vehicle, so I quickly got out of my car and took a picture as it drove by.  As the driver saw me do this, he slammed on the brakes, and asked, "Do you have a problem?"  To which I replied, "Just taking a picture. Is that illegal now?"  He then eked forward a few feet and stayed there in the middle of the road for about a minute and a half until a car approached him from behind, forcing him to move...  

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the FEDERAL POLICE FORCE (or Federal Protective Service, or United States Secret Service Uniformed Division as they are also known) we have been hearing about and the actual recipients of all that billions (yes, billions) of rounds of ammunition that is being produced for and procured by the Social Security Admin, The IRS, and other various government agencies for what purpose.  They are here, right in Downtown Grand Junction. What is the real purpose of a Federal Protective Service and why do we need them?   Feel safe yet? 

From: Eddie Lowenstein 


More First Amendment Stifling

Police State Culture                   

Let's Play "Can You Top This?"

Happy Birfday SondraK

Santa Clara County, Calif., officials have banned a 20-year employee from making “less than positive” remarks about Obamacare, because they can cause stress for listening co-workers.

The county made the stunning move when Norina Mooney was chatting with a co-worker about the Affordable Care Act,  according to the Pacific Justice Institute, which is representing the woman.

Santa Clara County must have missed this.
Happy Birfday SondraK

We have it seems reached the point where citizens ought be arrested and fined for not crushing public employees who act like this.  Like trash compactor crushing.