Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hint - It's Aluminum

What in thee hail am it?

Aside from it's creator there is nobody who can divine what this is.  NOBODY.   Don't even try.  Here.

It's a contest

If I win with your caption I'll send you a picture of me eating some Italian

WCBM 680

 CAPTION THIS *** Contest is back. It seems Obama has bowed (again) to another world leader, as well as shaken hands with him. Give us your best 'single line' caption, the winner will receive a great gift certificate for $50 at Carlo's Italian Bistro!

Good luck to all, and please keep it clean! Winner announced Monday morning between 9-12 am.

JFC, look at the time!  I'm too tired to think for myself, and I need this to pay for  new catheters.  Thank you