Saturday, December 21, 2013

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This pic is just fantastic.  Don't think it's got a title or anything.  Just a great snap of a sunrise in Sweden someplace.

First time I saw it I thought of Valhalla and Thor and all the Norse gods for some odd reason . .  prob'ly the Nordic connection.

Majestic . . . like a giant throne or castle or something, compelling, a good use for the word awesome.  - Ron Metzger

Nah ...

A head that looks like ... something


Hair Removal

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As seen

Ancient Japanese Matchlocks

War and Boobys


It’s not all about qualification. I’m speaking as a female Marine Iraq war vet who did serve in the combat zone doing entry checkpoint duty in Fallujah, and we worked with the grunts daily for that time.
When I deployed, we’d hardly been in the country a few weeks before one of our females had to be sent home because she’d gotten pregnant
All the branches still have different standards for females and males. Why? Because most women wouldn’t even qualify to be in the military if they didn’t have separate standards. Men and women are different, but those pushing women into combat don’t want to admit that truth.

They huff and puff about how women can do whatever men can do, but it just ain’t so. We’re built differently, and it doesn’t matter that one particular woman could best one particular man. The best woman is still no match for the best man, and most of the men she’d be fireman-carrying off the battlefield will be at least 100 lbs heavier than her with their gear on.

Women are often great shooters but can’t run in 50-80 lbs of gear as long, hard, or fast as men.  Military training is hard enough on men’s bodies; it’s harder on women’s.  And until women stop menstruating, there will always be an uphill battle for staying level and strong at all times.  No one wants to talk about the fact that in the days before a woman’s cycle, she loses half her strength, to say nothing of the emotional ups and downs that affect judgment. And how would you like fighting  ...  – From a Female Combat Vet

James Webb's seminal argument (Women Can't Fight), about women in the military academies, covered much of the same ground in 1979.  
Plebes do not "brace up" in the mess hall or in the corridors of Bancroft Hall. It is now a punishment, limited to fifteen minutes maximum, to require plebes to do what they once did as a basic activity for a year: stand at attention. first-classman I spoke to was reprimanded by his company commander during the first week of academic year, traditionally the most rigorous week of the entire year for plebes, because he had "upset" a female plebe. JAMES WEBB
The military banned the sale of that Washingtonian magazine, November issue,  at all military outlets.

A Lt. Cdr friend, who was Naval Academy staff,  told me that the fallout had made it a career ending decision to even discuss women at the Academy.  Women in combat had yet to occur, but of course you could read the tea leaves.  Influential Democrat Rep Pat Schroeder had made full integration of women into all levels of military service her personal war.

But that's not want to say about that picture.

If you haven't already thought it yourself, the point is wasted.  That picture says everything.
Think Blue Footed Booby at mating time The human male is in mating mode 365 days a year.  You (men) can almost feel the tensions created here.  You've anticipated the man-code violations that must be dealt with here.  The  problems are deep, and constitute a potentially dangerous situation in any combat theater.   If we must have women in combat for PC reasons, then form Amazon battalions. 

  Aside - Barn Army personnel are excluded,  and are encouarged to co-mingle when approoptiate.


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