Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Wife texted husband during this morning's Arctic vortex:

"Windows frozen, won't open."

Husband texted back:...

"Gently pour lukewarm water over it."

Wife texted back 5 minutes later:

"Computer really screwed up now.”

Some Guy E

Leno Does Obama

Oh My


           Academe quits me

He doesn't come right out and say it, but he alludes to it.  Too many universities traded out classic humanities for leftist pablum which blames white males for every ailment that a leftist can imagine. 

Via Ron First SeMetzger

Academe quits me

Tomorrow I will step into a classroom to begin the last semester of a 24-year teaching career. Don’t get me wrong. I am not retiring. I am not “burned out.” The truth is rather more banal. Ohio State University will not be renewing my three-year contract when it expires in the spring. The problem is tenure: with another three-year contract, I would become eligible for tenure. In an era of tight budgets, there is neither money nor place for a 61-year-old white male professor who has never really fit in nor tried very hard to. (Leave aside my heterodox politics and hard-to-credit publication record.) My feelings are like glue that will not set. The pieces fall apart in my hands.

This essay is not a contribution to the I-Quit-Academe genre. (A more accurate title in my case would be Academe Quits Me.) Although I have become uncomfortably aware that I am out of step with the purposeful march of the 21st-century university (or maybe I just never adjusted to Ohio State), gladly would I have learned and gladly continued to teach for as long as my students would have had me. The decision, though, was not my students’ to make. And I’m not at all sure that a majority would have voted to keep me around, even if they had been polled. My salary may not be large (a rounding error above the median income for white families in the U.S.), but the university can offer part-time work to three desperate adjuncts for what it pays me. A lifetime of learning has never been cost-effective, and in today’s university—at least on the side of campus where the humanities are badly housed—no other criterion is thinkable. [Full]


  1. The Politics and Aesthetics Of Black Queer Formations - Princeton University
  2. Ecofeminism - University of South Carolina
  3. Prostitution and Social Control: Governing Loose Women - Oberlin College
  4. Mad Dogs, Vampires and Zombie Ants: Behavior Mediating Infections - Vassar College
  5. Possessive Investment In Whiteness - Stanford University
  6. This is Sparta! - Brown University
  7. How To Win A Beauty Pageant - Oberlin College
  8. How to Rule the World - Bowdoin College  (Limited to a class of One, presumably)
  9. Politics of Obesity - University of California, Santa Cruz
  10. The Survival of the Whitest: Two Centuries of Racism And Evolutionary Theory - Brown University
  11. Deconstructing the Diva - De Paul University

Death Threat

Res Ipsa Loquitor

The guy must have been a Teapartier. Wot

Cultural cluster-fk

Just Got a Death Threat from the D.C. Area! UPDATE: AZHAR RAFAT of Fairfax, VA.
If anyone wants to follow up on this, (703) 622-0373 just called my phone number listed on the Contact page and told me they were going to “come and kill me”.  Well, good luck with that, kids.  It was one male and one female, young adults.  I’m just tickled that it was in the D.C./Arlington area!  Woot!  Movin’ on up, yo!

UPDATE:  What excellent readers!  Caller I.D.’d as AZHAR RAFAT of Fairfax, VA.  I told you they were all riding an I.Q. bellcurve shifted two standard deviations to the left.  This is what happens when your dad is also your uncle for thirty generations: you can’t understand the subtle nuances of CALLER I.D.
Ann Barnhardt

These  people are at best ignorant as hell, but like Democrats and other ideo-radicals, their single mindedness of purpose wears people down.  Maybe time to salt the Yalu with radioactive pellets, so to speak. Ahem.
Ann begat- I OWN the World who begat el-jefe

Remember the Golden Hind?

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