Thursday, January 16, 2014

Queens Squats

That, I think, has more to do with it being New York geezers with their attendant culture of entitlement than just senior moments. 
Doin' the Hokey Pokey

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Tommy Lee Smith

Euros Wise Up

Global Warming Fade-Out

Keister Island

Europe Come To Their Senses.

The EU's reputation as a model of environmental responsibility may soon be history. The European Commission wants to forgo ambitious climate protection goals and pave the way for fracking -- jeopardizing Germany's touted energy revolution in the process.

The climate between Brussels and Berlin is polluted, something European Commission officials attribute, among other things, to the "reckless" way German Chancellor Angela Merkel blocked stricter exhaust emissions during her re-election campaign to placate domestic automotive manufacturers like Daimler and BMW. This kind of blatant self-interest, officials complained at the time, is poisoning the climate.

But now it seems that the climate is no longer of much importance to the European Commission, the EU's executive branch, either. Commission sources have long been hinting that the body intends to move away from ambitious climate protection goals. On Tuesday, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported as much.

At the request of Commission President José Manuel Barroso, EU member states are no longer to receive specific guidelines for the development of renewable. The stated aim of increasing the share of green energy across the EU to up to 27 percent will hold. But how seriously countries tackle this project will no longer be regulated within the plan. As of 2020 at the latest -- when the current commitment to further increase the share of green energy expires -- climate protection in the EU will apparently be pursued on a voluntary basis. [Full]

So let me get this straight.  The EU, having finally decided that "Climate Protection" is so much frippery, will nonetheless continue the assault on their economies with the "green commitment for six more years?  And, will green-twat Obama exercise the power of his  magisterial pen and  declare war on  Brussels; a nation he may feel he can beat; and one certainly populated by pale white people? 

All this is rhetorical since I really don't care what Euros do.  Now that we have our own National Socialist government, will any of them come to our aid?  I don't think so; we're on our own.

PS - I haven't made my mind up on fracking, but I lean toward seeing a problem with it.  I'll let you know if I wake up to find myself living at 90.0000° N, 0.0000° W one morning.

Thanks to What's his name - Damien.  I'm having an Alzheimers moment.

Andy - Self Indulgent Twattage

Things that could have been good, but ruined
by a moment of self indulgent Liberal twattage.

Did you find it? If not, you may be a Liberal twat.

Anna Kendrick - Cups

Hoes in the Outfield

I really like this one. Do you? - MoSup

I like the rythems, but her voice is a little watery against the music, at least on my cheap ass computer speakers.

My Lying Eyes

Why you twat!

After glancing this headline it took my brain 1 x 10 -7of a second to digest news that Peyton Manning was yet another retard celebrity twat currying favor with the libtard media.  Then my brain came from behind and cleared things up.  Day-am!

Obama: Down Hill Racer


Down Hill Racer Replaced

     STOWE -  Less than a year ago, Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn tore the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament in her right knee and fractured her tibia during a harrowing ski accident in Schlamding, Austria.
    Concerned she wouldn’t be ready for the 2014 Winter Olympics, the U.S. Olympic Committee announced today her spot on the U.S. Olympic Team would be filled by President Obama.

     U.S. Olympic officials said Obama deserved the spot on the team because no one has ever taken a country downhill faster than he has.

Skoonj News Agency