Friday, January 24, 2014

Case of the Dead Sister


                              Crime Solver 






Pretty simple case for our first Crime Solver.  Girl A walked into the ladies room at Club Sophie to see what happened to her boyfriend's sister (B).  Turns out the sister had a  coronary trombone and died.  Girl C is the Medical Examiner on the scene, smelling A's breath to determine whether she, a 17 yr old minor,  had been consuming alcohol.

Case Closed.  No Charges Filed.

Boola Boola

We'll roll the score so very high,
That you will hear them sigh:
Well-a Boola, Boo, Boola, Boola, Boo,
Boola, Boo, Boola, Boola, Boola, Boo!

After graduating from Yale (Summa Bin Lauday) in Political Philosophy on Wednesday, I happenstanced  into Professor Craig Wright's course "MUSI 112: Listening to Music." will become the purveyors of classical music thereafter. You, the intelligentsia of the next generation, will be those that preserve this great treasure of Western culture and it is a great treasure of Western culture.-Professor Craig Wright
Just finished my fourth class.  I know for sure that if I was actually sitting in that classroom,  I'd flunk.  Badly. And, given what I perceive to be Prof. Wright's low tolerance for slackers and low lifers, I would probably be caned as well.  So what a joy not having to worry about the minutia; learning what this stuff (♩,♪, and  ♬) does, and just letting things seep in as they will. 

Don't get me wrong, I can read music.  
Guitar music, and now I'm reading  harmonica.  Your experience may differ of course, but I'm happy being exposed to all this stuff,  with the other Yale intelligentsia.  By the by, that instruction about Yale students being the new intelligentsia has been uttered in more than a few of the Yale lectures I've sat in on.  I mention it only in passing, meaning I don't find it at all "elitist" in the elitist way to remind these kids that they're special, because they are.  Their parents can afford to pay $58,600/ year to send them there, and are likely themselves to have a similar educational background, so yeah.  Elite.  

I'm learning the Yale fight song.  Maryland teams blow chunks.  So does Harvard. 
Boola Boola.

Ratbastards Voting

——You Bastards

States rights were dealt another serious blow on Tuesday when a bureaucratic agency, The Election Assistance Commission, voted against state requirements for proof of citizenship as a component of their voter registration process.

Two states which required verification by the registrant of their United States citizenship as part of that process, Arizona and Kansas, were just denied the ability to do so by the EAC. While the registrants must swear that they are legally permitted to vote, the rules oddly don’t permit a state to require proof.
The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA), also known as “Motor Voter” created a standardized national system for voter registration. Under that Act there are three methods for registration in federal elections  must be the same nationwide. They are either in personwhich, in conjunction with obtaining a driver’s license, or by mail.

In 2002, The Election Assistance Commission (EAC) was created for the purpose of producing regulations and specifying a uniform registration form. That form, known as the “Federal Form” was supposedly created as a means to standardize the registration process across state lines. [Full]

This was a Clinton deal.  Even half-witted observers (¼ wits and lower only drooled) recognized what this was about at the time.  Making it easier for Democrats to get elected.  In 2000 Vice President Al Gore added whipped cream by ordering that 2 million aliens be sworn into citizenship; requirements be damned, prior to the 2000 election that he was nevertheless thwarted from stealing.   Since then, and off the top of my head, there have been approx 7 instances where Democrats won  U.S. Senate seats under very suspicious circimstanes (i.e.,  where the polls had them losing).  Blah-bllah-blah. That's what I see anyway.