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Homeland Security - What a Name

Police State Culture                   

Riot Control: DHS Spends $500,000 
on Fully Automatic Pepper Spray Launchers 

                    ... as agency prepares for domestic unrest

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Huge Bear and Eco Freaks

Green Fade-Out

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Maryland Gestapo

Police State Culture                   

Outrage of the Week!

Unarmed Florida Gun Owner Harassed By Maryland Police

Hi Rodger,
Here's an example of the O'Malley/Mikulski/Hoyer Gestapo:

You’re a liar. You’re lying to me. Your family says you have it. Where is the gun? Tell me where it is and we can resolve this right now.”

[...] Of course, John couldn’t show him what didn’t exist, but Kally’s failure to corroborate John’s account, the officer would tell them later, was the probable cause that allowed him to summon backup — three marked cars joined the lineup along the I-95 shoulder — and empty the Expedition of riders, luggage, Christmas gifts, laundry bags; to pat down Kally and [one of Filippides' daughters]; to explore the engine compartment and probe inside door panels; and to separate and isolate the Filippidises in the back seats of the patrol cars.

I still have family in Maryland, and visit every now and then, and frankly, I'm a bag of nerves every time I cross the river northbound because of the potential for this and yet still being defenseless ....

I used to like to go to my old Baltimore neighborhoods and look at the streets and old houses where I and my ancestors lived for six generations. Now, those locations are a bulldozed naked dirt lot, or boarded up, or burned out, or occupied by a hostile army of staring, slovenly animals who appear to be scheming how to take all I have.

Between these Uhbamunist creatures and tasteless purveyors of modern architecture, they've destroyed two centuries of hard work, great architecture and history that my family and millions like them built, worked and lived in. 

It breaks my heart.

Thanks for being there Rodg, it's nice to know we're not alone.
Your Tailgunner, Dick

John Filippidis, a Florida resident, gun owner (a Kel-Tec .380) and concealed-carry card holder, was traveling with his family to a wedding in New Jersey in their Ford Expedition. Knowing many states along the way don’t recognize the Second Amendment, he left his pistol at home – locked in his safe.

Traveling south on Interstate 95, just across the Maryland border, Filippidis was followed by a Maryland Transportation Authority Police car. He wasn’t speeding.

Retreating to the space between the SUV and the unmarked car, the officer orders John to hook his thumbs behind his back and spread his feet. “You own a gun,” the officer says. “Where is it?”

“At home in my safe,” John answers.

“Don’t move,” says the officer.

He then goes to Filippidis’ wife, Kally. “Your husband owns a gun, where is it?

FULL Head Explosion

Thank you TGD for always watching my six.  What really amazed me here was, not Maryland's militant anti gun stance, but that the guy was pulled over by a freaking MTA Officer?!?  That's akin to being pulled over by a bus driver.  It seems that O'Malley (The White Obama) is taking lessons from Barry, and creating his own army of packing government employees.  Do the  Maryland State Department of Assessments & Taxation have a S.W.A.T. team?  Even worse, I know many, many people who work for the state, and know them to be good people; but they are all subject to taking, and possibly (probably?)  following orders from the top to do --- whatever.  Insert Hitler's Mustache  HERE.

Yes, Let's Do Impeach the Sumbitch

 Dems’ ‘don’t impeach Obama’ email backfires Suddenly, millions of Americans talking about ousting president
I hadn't seen this before reading it via WND, but I promise you that if I was a DNC muck-a-muck I'd have cautioned against sending this to the herds.  The LoFo voters who comprise the bulk of Dem voters would likely have no idea that the word impeachment had even been uttered.  Evidently several news services picked it up and, in effect, put the idea into play. 

Nice to know that DNC puppeteers are as clueless as their GOP counterparts when it comes to knowing what their clientèle know, or want.

Among the offenses enumerated in one book:

    * Obamacare not only is unconstitutional but illegally bypasses Congress, infringes on states’ rights and marking an unprecedented and unauthorized expansion of IRS power.
    * Sidestepping Congress, Obama already has granted largely unreported de facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens using illicit interagency directives and executive orders.
    * The Obama administration recklessly endangered the public by releasing from prison criminal illegal aliens at a rate far beyond what is publicly known.
    * The president’s personal role in the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attack, with new evidence regarding what was transpiring at the U.S. mission prior to the assault – arguably impeachable activities in and of themselves.
    * Illicit edicts on gun control in addition to the deadly “Fast and Furious” gun-running operation intended, the book shows, to collect fraudulent gun data.
    * From “fusion centers” to data mining to drones to alarming Department of Homeland Security power grabs, how U.S. citizens are fast arriving at the stage of living under a virtual surveillance regime.
    * New evidence of rank corruption, cronyism and impeachable offenses related to Obama’s first-term “green” funding adventures.
    * The illegality of leading a U.S.-NATO military campaign without congressional approval.
    * Obama has weakened America both domestically and abroad by emboldening enemies, tacitly supporting a Muslim Brotherhood revolution, spurning allies and minimizing the threat of Islamic fundamentalism.

Google Auto Complete

What Your State Wants, According to Google Autocomplete

Google Autocomplete is notorious for taking a standard search and anticipating something completely ridiculous.

In the style of Tumblr user [garbled, looks like Assclown], we conducted our own experiment and created a map of what each state wants (according to Autocomplete).

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Tell us what your state really wants and I'll make an accurate map.