Friday, January 31, 2014

What an embarrassment ..

As if the Russians need help suppressing ... Metzger

"When Muslim terrorists threatened to make their presence felt at the Olympic Games in Sochi, Obama quickly responded by sending men, equipment and warships, to help beef up Russian security.  I'm sure that somewhere, Ambassador Chris Stevens was musing, 'Instead of diplomacy, I knew I should have taken up figure skating.'"

Columnist Burt Prelutsky

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Jose Metzger

Did you say Stasi?

Wanted:  More Randy Weavers

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA  - The Local Government of National City thinks it is acceptable to re-interpret their own city code to suite their political agenda if a message appears that does not suite their liking. They have chosen to attack us based on opposing political views. They have abused their elected positions in order to silence those who do not agree with them. WE WILL NOT BE REMOVING OUR SIGN. I WILL GO TO JAIL FIRST! If it is a fight they want, it is a fight they shall have.

"Dreyman resolves to help reveal the true face of the DDR government to the outside world. With the help of well-positioned West Germans who provide him with a typewriter that can't be traced back to him, he plans to publish an anonymous exposé" - Lives of Others
This is a company that allows you to buy a 70% un- finished lower. Which is not technically a not gun. Once you finish it, it is unregistered, not serialized, and not traceable and 100% legal. Their sign says something to that effect. That is the controversy.

Two Things.   The first is more of the same.  San Diego decided Ares Armor's storefront sign  was not just in bad taste, but illegal,  and ordered them to remove it.  Owners response.

"WE WILL NOT BE REMOVING OUR SIGN. I WILL GO TO JAIL FIRST! If it is a fight they want, it is a fight they shall have."

Lets hope that he has plenty of support if the San Diego police show up with a warrant.  How many Randy Weavers are there out there? 

Secondly, this.  There are oodles of ways to legally make your own weaponry and circumvent law that violates the Second Amendment.  I've posted several of the videos here over the years.  But we're into a new era here; best exemplified by the film Lives of Others,  which pounded home the lengths to which tyrannical governments will go to keep people in line.  In the film, the East German resistance group had to find a typewriter that had not been cataloged by the Stasi; no mean trick, since typewrites were registered with type samples.  Which leads to this. 

How are you going to buy that Ares Armor receiver?  Or any other gun related item?  or anything?  Unless you buy in person, pay cash, don't use a customer loyalty discount card, and possibly even wear a disguise, there are records of everything.  Nuff said.  We have reached that state. 

How many Randy Weavers are there out there?