Thursday, February 27, 2014

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White Collar Fun

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White Collared
Been having fun with a light confection called White Collar. Middling amusing [as there's nothing on TV these daze]

It's 6 days after that comment by Claire: rebellious pink pig with car keys,  and we just finished White Collar, episode 14, season one. Ahem.  Neither of us wanted to get hooked on another series, but ... crap!  Sigh.  It grows on you.     There are three things, however.
  1. Midway through the first episode, MoSup observed that Agent Reese Hughes  (James Rebhorn), who plays the FBI station agent in charge, looks just like Montgomery Burns (The Simpsons).  Now, every time he apppears we break out laughing.

  2. If you've watched the show you'll understand this.  I noted somewheres around episode 3 that Burke muses, "if this doesn't work out, Caffrey will go back to prison."  Now we wait for it, and more laughter when it invariably happens.

  3. Mozz steals the show. We laugh.

AWK! To make matters worse, I watched episode one of  "The Borgias" today.  Crap  I'm hooked.

The new leftist patriotism

Woman claims First Amendment threatens liberalism

A student writer at Harvard University is raising eyebrows after publishing her belief that free speech on campus should be abolished and professors with opposing views be fired.
Sandra Corn
I’ve often said that the best thing about Hamas is that they say what they think. None of the two-faced English vs. Arabic stuff we get from the ‘moderate’ PLO. They say they want to kill us, because they mean it. So for the same reason, I enjoyed the Harvard Crimson piece by Sandra Y. L. Korn, “The Doctrine of Academic Freedom.” Korn is not ashamed to put forth the idea that academic freedom should be limited when it conflicts with the political prejudices of the “university community”: - Jewish Press
, a senior who writes a column for the Harvard Crimson newspaper, thinks radical leftism is the only permissible political philosophy, and the First Amendment only hinders colleges from brainwashing students with her viewpoint.

“Let’s give up on academic freedom in favor of justice,” states the subtitle of her Feb. 18 column, in which she insists Harvard stop guaranteeing students and professors the right to hold controversial views and conduct research putting liberalism in a negative light.

“If our university community opposes racism, sexism, and heterosexism, why should we put up with research that counters our goals?” Korn asks.

[Full Wonderment]

If only we had nuked Woodstock like I suggested. Sigh.

A Birther, Proudly

By far, my biggest disappointment, maybe quandary is a better word, with this blog is the obvious disconnect I have relative to the question of Obama's birth certificate. Disconnect with regular contributors, with whom  I am otherwise dogmatically copacetic.  This latest birther post is an exemplar of what I'm talking about.  Zero comments.  Zero interest.  And not just this time, but for several years now.   It's a land mine topic. I have even on occasion provocatively done a birther post to test this thesis.   For what remains, in my mind, the single most important question of our time. Who is Barack Obama?

Not that I can abjectly say he is not a citizen, although all evidence points to that; but it was
from day one of Obama's 2008 campaign—a declaration by an insurgent government that they were making their move; had control of the courts, the media and were ready to neuter the military. That signal is by now Hitlarian in-your-face action. 

The courts dismiss our voices with  curt "no standing"  declarations.  The media, always in the leftist bag, are unapologetically brazen.  Holder's DOJ is unmistakably corrupt, using myriad technology to monitor our every word and movement. We know factually that the the IRS have been given, not just Gestapo powers— they've always had them— but are now unrestrained in their use, and loosed upon the regime's enemies. That would be us.

Had we been successful in making Obama explain why he allowed a lefty blog to  release that initial, obviously fraudulent COLB, and ultimately an equally fraudulent birth certificate, he would have been on the ropes.  Even today a full disclosure would, I believe,  cast doubt on the legitimacy of every thing he has signed into law.  Even Lo-Fos would take note, and, I promise, feel betrayed, foolish, and most importantly scared.  The Obama birth certificate is this regime's fountainhead. That they have been able to  cow us into inaction with invective, ridicule, and the connivance of law enforcement,  means we are now probably left with only rebellion if we are to salvage some of our birthright. 

What happened?  Frank Capra would never make this movie.  The audience wouldn't stand for it.

Cajun Jerky Plus


Nom Nom Nom
This recipe, so far, has produced the best chicken jerky I've made. But that's not what I want to talk about. 

The recipe is as simple as simple gets.  When I sampled it my taste sensors orgasmed.  After I cooked them for 10 minutes, preparatory to dehydrating, I ate one.  Then  another.  Then I put some mayo on a bun and made a sandwich.  'Nuff said.

UPDATE -The Full Cajun Jerk Recipe is HERE

Bacon Tips


  The Real King of France

Adversus hanc declarationem defensor  bacon

 Barn Army Test Kitchen