Friday, March 07, 2014

I cac feel the strings a pullin'



Fox News said Christie did finally get a standing send off, but not a good  as - take your pick (video)

The National Review's Headline: Standing Ovation for Chris Christie

Rasmussen says Hillary Clinton 47%, Jeb Bush 33%
Blah blah blah ..

Bush?  Is he seriously on any body's mind?  Except at GOP Command Central?  No.  But by extrapolating from remembrances past, I can announce that Jeb Bush will be the nominee.  For that to change, there must occur a successful assault on GOP muck-a-muckery--- PDQ! and I don't see that happening. 

I'm pretty damned sure that I will not, for the first time, cast a ballot in this election unless it's for Sarah Palin. I already know what arguments to expect, and they will be proper and reasonable, but I've had it.  Because I cannot script  a comeback—a national restoration—in my mind that does not include President Palin, or civil war against a police state.  Just can't. 

Wait ... where the fk are my pills?  Gdammit!