Thursday, March 13, 2014

Officially BIG

Hey,ACC. Blow Us

ACC countdown

I'm getting up for what may be the Terps last ever game in the ACC.  They play FSU at noon in the Carolina Jamboree, a.k.a. "ACC toonamit."  In the meanwhile, some light heartred crap is all I can muster. Hopefully one will add a little sunshine in your otherwise "I'm too knowledeable to be happy" life.  Lousy refs.

 I Roll a 7

Cry Havoc

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Baghdad Debbie

The GOP underperformed tonight in the - a district they've held for decades. Here's why:

Republican David Jolly was victorious over Democrat Alex Sink 48.5 percent to 46.7 percent, with Libertarian Lucas Overby collecting 4.8 percent of the vote.

It was the first major test of the Obamacare effect on an election, with both sides spending millions of dollars rehearsing national campaign strategies.

Wasserman Schultz, whose Twitter handle is @DWStweets, sent out a brief tweet, stating: “The GOP underperformed tonight in the #FL13 – a district they’ve held for decades.”

It provided a link to a longer comment, in which she noted:

“Republican special interest groups poured in millions to hold onto a Republican congressional district that they’ve comfortably held for nearly 60 years. Tonight, Republicans fell short of their normal margin in this district because the agenda they are offering voters has a singular focus – that a majority of voters oppose – repealing the Affordable Care Act that would return us to the same old broken health care system.

... the evenly divided district (a district Barack Obama carried in both 2008 and 2012) had been considered a toss-up.

Clinton recorded a phone call last week seeking local volunteers to help with Sink's campaign, and a half dozen House Democrats emailed fundraising appeals to their own supporters on her behalf.

  Sink outspent Jolly by more than 3 to 1 on television advertising, though outside groups aligned with the GOP helped narrow the overall Democratic advantage.
UPDATE  Listen to Mark Levin's Account of this race ( Mile 66 n commente)