Wednesday, April 09, 2014


While I was preparing to bring Duck Duck to y'all's attention (because it advertises itself as "The search engine that doesn't track you," I thought what the hell, let's see how good it is at searching

In the eleven years or so that I've used Blogger, I've posted exactly 32,047
times on Curmudgeonly & Skeptical.    It would be fair to say that at least 20,000 of them used my on-again-off-again blog description "If you're trying to change minds and influence people it's probably not a good idea to say that virtually all elected Democrats are liars, but what the hell."  I coined it, and it's been accessed well over 6 million times. I posted the results in the scroll box below.

The quack answer is that C&S received no credits.  Not one.  Not just from
Duck Duck, but from no search engine.  Duck- Duck, and all but Google and Dogpile, did mention C&S posts I made during the few years I posted using my own server.  But, nothing from Google (which owns Blogger for chrissake!).

In those 32,047 posts, it would be fair to say that, at a minimum, 32,047 pictures were published.  I'll posit that about 90% were original, or value added.  It has not been lost on me that, given the number of times I use Google image search a day, I've never seen any of my stuff.  I do run across some Terpsboy pictures, some even attributed; but no Bloggers.  

I am not, by the way, making any claims to greatness, far from it.  I am suggesting that Google uses it's muscle discriminately.  One of the first things that happened after Google purchased Blogger was that C&S was shut down.  The excuse was I was accused of something or other.  I had been under attack from lefty blogs who made it a habit to accuse people they disagreed with of being liars, inciting to riot and too stupid to be allowed to use machinery.  It wasn't until
Linda SoG made it something of a personal crusade that I was allowed back. 

On the bright side, perhaps my guardian angel has engineered this "shield of anonymity" as a way to protect me from Obama hit men. 

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A Dog Named Dick

A Dog Named Dick

The Bletchley Circle

   At The Cinema                           

The Bletchley Circle

I was going to tell you that this was a one-off series (three 44 min episodes) that will almost assuredly appeal to all of you. You may not give it the 5 stars that both me and Mother Superior voted, but even the curmudgeons will like it.   I would say that this is good family viewing, except for the fact that Brit television viewers demand very life-like (dead like?) corpse make up, not the dash of catchup that American TV shows.  Kids, IMO, ought be spared these images for—wellforever if possible.

Now I discover that there are three series, but only one on Netflix.  Something to look forward too, perhaps.

The Black Kettle Roars

21,568 Words

The Contemptuous Mr. Holder

Holder's Mustache               

When Obama talks ...