Monday, April 28, 2014


Here's happiness.  You know how you really like a television series, and think you've seen all the episodes?  And then you watch them all over and discover that, somehow, you skipped over an entire 13 episode season!  And it's like you just found  $20 in an old coat?  That just happened  to me with Archer!,  my new best series of all time (Netflix.)  It's comedy genius.  Thank you, that person who mentioned it in an ago comment.

Fitbit dry hump

Fitbit Dry-humping

fitbit's Heartbleed PSA

If you walk in place, lifting just your heels, while swinging arms vigorously, fitbit gives you full credit.  I'm not trying to cheat (senseless, that), but I hurt me knee a few days ago and really aggravated it yesterday.  I swing a  5# bar bell in each hand and, believe me, it's a workout.  You're welcome.

PS: cuzzin ricky brings this about Heartbleed (fkm).

What Goes Around ...

Ex-Cons Squatting in Soldier’s Home Defiantly Stay Put — But Their Tune Rapidly Changes After Outraged Bikers, Veterans Promise a Little Visit


Dickens Cider

Dickens Cider









3 primary challengers means he wins

Time to put him in the blender

We now know what John Boehner really thinks of his Republican colleagues, and those Americans who gave him a chance to be Speaker in 2010.

On the issues front, Boehner, who faces three primary opponents, revealed that out of all the problems facing the nation, the one that he is willing to go to the wall to achieve is immigration reform.   [...]
By revealing his fealty to the giant corporate and elitist interests ... Boehner made clear what most had suspected for a long while.  The man who was at best a reluctant warrior in the battle to reduce the size and scope of government is willing to risk power for his drinking buddy’s corporate interests. [Boehner's Disdain Spells Trouble]

There's a hole in your bucket dear Liza

Police State        

There's a hole in your bucket dear Liza, dear Liza 
We get messages from the gas company telling us that we used too much power at such and such time,  and offer tips on how to cut back  In real time.  Let's be gentle and accept that the gas company's smart meters are nothing more than a labor saving device that throw a million meter readers out of a job but don't result in lower rates, but there is nothing sinister about them.  There is no getting around it though, the gas company, and therefore any government agency that have a notion, can know about your habits.

They already have access to your driving habits, and you pay for the privilege (OnStar tracking,  manufacturer installed event data recorders (EDR), cell phones.)  If you watched the BBC series SPOOKS you've seen M-I5 access London's vast network of CCTV cams and search for people via face recognition.  In real time. Futuristic?  If you use Chrome or have Firefox's Google image source plug in, you can find all events of a single picture in a heartbeat.  How much fun is that?  Way.  But like the man said, we will give government the tools to enslave us, and thank them for it each step of the way.

But here's what, for me, is the kiss of death. 

Liza dear, we noticed that you wore torn panties on your date with Leo.  Your father and I were so embarrassed; it's  a reflection on how we raised you.

Think back, boy and girls, about your first clumsy sexual encounter at the drive-in, or under the porch.  Or your honeymoon. Or taking cigarette money from mom's purse.  Or any moment at all.   Google's smart contact lens system with a CAMERA built in means that, in the future, all of it can be posted to Facebook. There is no going back.

I think Earth inhabitants have reached this stage before, multiple times in its 4 billion year history.  It's about time.

We have met the enemy

I did this post over the weekend but couldn't be bothered to push more buttons so now it's stale but the message is clear

With the news this week that more than 600,000 Washington residents have acquired new health care plans through the state exchange, U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers said it’s unlikely the Affordable Care Act will be repealed.

“We need to look at reforming the exchanges,” the Eastern Washington Republican said Thursday.