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Ryobi Pressure Washer

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Waterdown, ON
Best pressure washer under $200 I've seen
June 15, 2013
5 out of 5

After going through 2 Karchers in the last two years, and reading the reviews on all the other under $200 Pressure washers available at the major retailers, that all look like the came from the same factory in China, I decided to give this Ryobi a try.
Pretty impressive machine so far. And cheap considering what you get, very good quality parts and well engineered, very close to a good commercial gas powered machine.
I like that it comes with 3 nozzles, and everything has a place on this machine. An actual detergent tank rather than some cheap plastic tube.
The all-aluminum pump sold it for me, I hope it lasts longer than what I've experienced with others that have the plastic pumps, that ... Read More

I bought this Ryobi because this guy's review is identical to what I would write.  Same experience, but add along the way two of those blue machines that are even crappier than Karcher.  Don't ask.  Anyway, I wish this was an American product because it's fit, finish, and engineering are the best of anything I've purchased since, I don't know—the Oxo mandolin I suppose.  Zero water leaks.  The sound of the spray is louder than the sound of the pump.  Metal frame.  Brass fittings. QUALITY!  Even if you don't have a use for a pressure washer, get this Ryobi for the pure joy of owning something that's virtually flawless.  Free shipping from Home Depot.


Oh My

Oh My

Professor Otis Madison: Enemy of the United States


More Outrage Upon Which We Shall Not Put UP!                          

Santa Barbara Prof Warns Ted Cruz-Teabaggers To Leave Class Or Go Home In Body Bag

Alice Gilbert can vividly recall her first day of class last fall in a black studies course called “The Obama Phenomenon” offered by Professor Otis Madison at UC Santa Barbara.

That’s because before his introductory lecture was over, the scholar “warned Ted Cruz-supporting ‘teabaggers’ to get the hell out of his classroom before he sent them home to their mother in a body bag,” Gilbert said in an email interview with The College Fix.

“The comment is from memory, however there were other students with me in the class who can attest to them,” Gilbert said. “When Professor Madison made his comments in the very first lecture, I was taken aback and offended.”

Gilbert said as a conservative student, she enrolled in the course to broaden her horizons and learn about the president from a perspective other than what she is normally exposed to, but dropped it after Madison’s remarks.

She never complained to administrators.

“He did not target me by name, so I did not feel that there was a lot the school could do based on a student just being offended by something said in class,” said Gilbert, a junior and statewide College Republican student leader.

Gilbert is telling her story now as part of the new social media campaign #MyLiberalCampus, in which students post anecdotal evidence describing when their conservative beliefs have been disregarded or denigrated by professors or peers.

The effort, launched by the College Republican National Committee, strives to highlight the discrimination and intolerance conservative students face everyday on campuses nationwide. So far, more than 350,000 people have engaged in the conversation.



Oh My




Infiltrating the Obama Cell

Obama to Appoint Jhanebkhesh Kefash Next Sec/Army?
Saman Shalechea Next Obama Court Justice?

You can e-mail Ms.Shalechea at and Mr. Kefash at

What?  Obama's a fake president, so what's good for the goose ... .  Right?  What better way to infiltrate the DNC?

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