Saturday, July 05, 2014

Rummaging in the attic

(I just found this from 2008)
Morning Report

Here's the updated Barn Army Kids Shoot film, but without the kids.  In other words, just the Barn Army.  The first go-around missed about a half-dozen people,  due to sloppy record keeping by my adjutant, Major Secretary Bunns (#28).  This time, every member has a number, which facilitates guessing who is who?  If the guesser happens to also be the guessee, then we have validation, otherwise I am not responsible if, say, Kim du Toit says he's number 34, when he's not. 

The Kids Day at the Barn video is also updated.

Let's begin. 

The King of France, and Archbishop of Canterbury is #22.  A lot of people ask, Hey Rodge, why did the King of France fight for the Yankees?  Well, it was a tough call.  The CSA had the legal, and slavery not withstanding, moral authority to secede. On the other hand, I was not native to any of the Confederate states, so I felt it was my obligation to fight, not so much for Lincoln, as against the Democrat party who were  undermining him at every corner. I hate liars and traitors, and Democrats were the traitors, during that conflict, not the Confederates.  Now here's something you didn't know.

After Lee surrendered his Army, at Appomattox, I met with Lincoln with this proposal.  We keep the vanquished South under arms, and restore full citizenship if they will join us in waging war on Democrats led by that traitorous scoundrel George B. McClellan.  Lincoln agreed, but was tragically assassinated before my commission as Chief General in Charge was made official. Nearly a century later, General George S. Patton, Jr., having read my memoirs, made the same proposal to Eisenhower in regard the German army, and filthy commies.   Little did he know that FDR's closest advisors were Democrats, and they squashed it. 

Carry on.