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Obama's Whorror House

OBAMUNISM, The Horror                                  

DOT Proposes Mandating Cars Broadcast Location, Direction and Speed...

POLL: One-third of Mexicans would come to the U.S. if they could...

DOJ quietly opens new asylum gate for Guatemalans...

Feds Seek 'Transportation Services for Unaccompanied Children'...


Top IRS ethics lawyer facing possible disbarment, accused of lying...

Feds Seek 'Transportation Services for Unaccompanied Children'...


LA RAZA Demands Amnesty for AT LEAST Five Million...


    Liberal (Multi)Culture(ists)                   

Council which removed foster children after parents' Ukip membership was discovered finally apologises seven months on 

Social workers took three Eastern European children away in November
  • Rotherham council originally said couple's affiliation with right-wing group meant they opposed 'multiculturalism'
  • It has now back-tracked saying reason for action was badly communicated
  • 'The council can confirm that membership of Ukip would not prevent any individual from being considered as a foster carer'
  • But council insists decision was still in the children's 'best interests'
Gee, what is this Ukip (UK IndependenceParty), and why are they so bad that their children can be taken from them? 
  • European Union: UKIP advocates leaving the European Union
  • European Court of Human Rights - UKIP wants to repeal the Human Rights Act, and remove Britain from both the European Convention on Refugees and the European Convention on Human Rights to "enable us to deport foreign criminal and terrorist suspects where desirable" while still "allow[ing] genuine asylum applications in accordance with our international obligations"
  • Monarchy:UKIP fully supports the British monarchy and its constitutional role.
  • Immigration: The party has previously outlined a number of measures designed to reduce immigration into the UK which include a five-year "freeze" on immigration for permanent settlement, the introduction of a points-based work-permit system and initiating a drive to remove illegal immigrants.
  • Same-sex marriage: the party supports civil partnerships but opposes legalisation allowing same-sex marriage because of concerns that a law change could mean that faith groups and places of worship would be forced to perform same-sex marriages.
  • Energy, environment and climate change: UKIP's 2013 energy policy document states that global warming is part of a natural cycle: "the slight warming in the last hundred years is entirely consistent with well-established, long-term natural climate cycles".
  • Defence: UKIP proposed a 40 percent increase in defence spending and the purchase of three new aircraft carriers. (Source)

Oh, I see.  They're a Brit "Tea Party." The bastids.  Carry on then, they don't deserve to have nice things.

The Four Stooges

Oh My

Mommy -a bird ate Mr. Grumbles!


Animal Catharsis     

Published on Jul 6, 2013 Ever wonder why fish-eating herons and egrets are often seen standing in fields? This video provides some clues. This Great Blue Heron caught and killed four gophers in a row without a miss! Two gophers were swallowed and two were left uneaten. The first gopher was quite large and took some effort and lubrication from a water puddle to swallow. Herons have been known to choke to death while trying to swallow large prey, but not this time. A few days earlier, I was fortunate to film a much smaller sized egret catching a large gopher and struggling for about 9 minutes to swallow it! This video is at I was amazed that the egret's skinny neck could eventually stretch enough to pass the large gopher!

I was surprised to see the heron continue to hunt and kill more gophers than it ate. I suspect that it enjoyed hunting for fun as well as for food. I filmed the heron for about 90 minutes in the late afternoon. I don't know how many gophers the heron may have caught before I arrived at the scene.

The heron struck the gophers so hard that they appeared to die very quickly after the first blow. Gopher #4 was struck only once; and then it was quickly dropped to the ground. The heron watched it for about 15 minutes, as if to see if it moved, and then walked away without eating the dead gopher. The heron appeared to continue to hunt for more gophers as darkness fell. I got cold and went home.

This heron could easily get a job in backyards plagued with gophers!

I filmed this event on March 17, 2012 at Miller Knox Regional Park in Pt. Richmond, CA, along the San Francisco Bay Trail after several days of heavy rains. The gophers on this fateful day may have been more vulnerable than usual due to partial flooding of their burrows after the recent rains. I used a Panasonic GH2 camera to capture the footage.

If you have issues with gophers damaging your garden or landscape, don't you wish you could rent a Great Blue Heron like this one for a few days?

I recently found this amazing video of a falcon dive-bombing and killing a Great Blue Heron--far more than it could eat! Check it out at The very end of the video shows the falcon feeding on the heron close-up.

Here is a video I made about a gopher that DID get away:

Amazing ... we have a decent Blue Heron population here, but I had no idea that, and never saw, that they anything other than fish. Who knew they killed for sport?