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And, speaking of STUPID

Actually, it's probably a deliberate "in-your face America!"

Suspicion Confirmed

The Results Are In


A Tale of two "Republicans"

“It was wall to wall people,” one attendee told CQ Roll Call, who also said the guests enjoyed mini crab cakes and other finger foods and some drinks from the bar. The attendee spoke on the condition of anonymity because the event was closed to the press.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., joined the lawmakers, staffers and conservatives who gathered to toast Bachmann.

Scalise was the only member of House Republican leadership at the event, though Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, reportedly sent a staff member on his behalf.

I would like to hug her in a show of appreciation.

AFSCUM & Scott Walker


Union Thuggery                          

We have seen this picture before in the Wisconsin’s union-induced long strange trip during the 2012 Recall Election:
Police insurrections.  Palace guards Catch a Senator contests.  Doctors behaving badly.  Massive national solidarity protests which weren’t Identity theft as political theater.  Shark jumping.  Legislators who run away to other states.  Busbang bangs.  Protesters locking their heads to metal railings and pretending to walk like Egyptians Beer attacks Canoe flotillas.  (alleged) Judicial chokeholds.  Tears falling on Che Guevara t-shirts at midnight.  Endless recalls.  And recounts.  Communications Directors making threats.   Judges who think they are legislators (well, I’ll grant you that one is common).  V-K Day Hole-y warriors.  Cities namedSpeculation and Conjecture.  And the funniest blog headline so far:
First They Came For The Right To Retire After 30 Years On Full Salary With COLAs
The collective bargaining law that precipitated the insanity recently was upheld in its entirely by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
Now the unions are doubling (or is it tripling, at this point?) down on the get Walker meme, viaWaPo:
The nation’s largest public sector union is mounting an intense effort to eject Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker from office this fall, determined to oust the Republican who punctured the power of organized labor in the state.
“We have a score to settle with Scott Walker,” Lee Saunders, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, said in his first interview about the union’s midterm strategy.
“He took collective bargaining away from us,” Saunders added, noting that the union was first started in the 1930s by state employees in Madison. “He stole our voices, in a state where we were born.”
Okay, then.
AFSCME may be getting a helping hand from the Democratic Prosecutor in Milwaukee County, John Chislhom, whose wife is a union activist and allegedly behind the John Doe investigation of Walker following the failed Recall attempt.
Will it be different this time?
(Continue Legal Insurrection)

At least with normal cancer you can treat it with radiation wait.  *Light Bulb*

More Whiny Charges of Racism byt Some Racists




Its chief, Craig Bronaugh Jr., told the newspaper that four firefighters who had been removed from their duties and sent home actually may return.

But officials with the Service Employees International Union Local 73, which represents the suburb’s firefighters, said it had gone too far for only that, and they filed a complaint with the state Labor Relations Board, the Tribune reported.

“It’s about freedom of speech, and there should be nothing wrong with them expressing their patriotism,” spokesman Adam Rosen said.

He explained the department had simply refused to bargain with the union over the issue, creating a hostile work situation.

 A report from Chicago’s WGN TV explained what apparently happened.

An order came down from Bronaugh that because of a culture of racism, firefighters had to remove all decals or stickers, including American flags and military stickers, from their city lockers.

Showing a picture of a “monkey smoking a cigarette” that had been taped to one locker, he said, “As a fire chief here, I cannot afford nor tolerate [racism].”

But several firefighters refused, and ultimately were sent home. They explained the monkey picture had been put on one firefighter’s locker years ago by a buddy who wanted to chide him about his smoking, and the actually tension started, according to the WGN report, when the chief ordered a new American flag be removed from Fire Station 2.

6 years of incendiary race-baiting by the Obama-Holder faction have created this culture of Black racists looking to pick a fight.   On the plus side, the firefighters are SEIU thugs, so there is some nice schadenfreude here.  A pox on them all.

Attention Richard Gere

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