Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Clean that pot, Cheap!

STUFF I INVENTED                 
so you don't have to                 

At the risk of outraging the baristas out there; I do not clean my coffee pot after every use.  In fact, since Feb 9, 2013; never.  The opening is so small that I can't get my hand in there, so, alas; my Walmart coffee quality suffers more with each pot brewed.  I looked on-line for pot cleaners, and what the hell; $36??

Last night it came to me.  Efferdent denture cleaner.  What you see here is the result after three applications and believe me, that sumbitch was BLACK!. 

You're welcome.

Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker Cleaner for All Automatic Drip Coffeemakers, 2-Ounce Box (Pack of 9) by Mr. Coffee

Taste of Asia Deivered


Sweet deal

You know how you can pass someone and her (or his if you're ...) pheromones are so powerfully attractive that you are drawn like a magnet?  It's natures way of helping people mate.  Anyway, a few weeks ago I saw this "Taste of Asia" sweet chili sauce while shopping. 

To my knowledge I have never had sweet chili sauce before, but there was such a powerful, what?  "flavomone?" transmitted that—I am not making this up—that I wanted to uncap a bottle and drink it on the spot.  Bad form, especially when other shoppers are around, so I bought it.  As soon as I got home I did just that; uncapped and swigged.

I have never done anything like that before, and guess what?  It is freaking wonderful.  I started putting it on everything, so in quick order was running out.  Anyway, this is what I wanted to tell you. 

I buy a lot of stuff, especially bulky, heavy stuff like 50 pound bags of flour, and paper towels, etc., from Walmart.  I mean, the prices range from great to competitive
—and there is no tax, and no shipping charge on orders on $50.  I ordered a six pack of this stuff last Friday, along with a crap load of other stuff. 

Yesterday Fed Ex pulled up at 9AM and left a box on my doorstep.  It was a partial delivery of the Sweet Chili Sauce. That's all.  Now, this stuff cost me maybe $2.59/bottle, so this was about a $15.50 order.  Delivered by Fed-X. Today Fed-X came again and dropped another partial delivery; one can Gold Bond powder spray, and two Almay hypo-allergenic deodorants.  More to come.


Scotland, FWIW

—  You Berks                                           

The Scotish Secession Movement in 50 Word$

The stakes are enormous for both the unionists, who want to keep the kingdom together, and the nationalists, who dream of inheriting the oil wealth of the North Sea without sharing any of it with haughty Old Blighty. No one knows, or can even imagine accurately, what would follow secession. [More Words]

My sense is that if Scotland leaves G.B.,  it would have some effect on American attitudes about secession.  Can't say to what degree, but the very act would plant a winds of change sort of inevitability regarding the preferred (by many) secession of traditional American states from what is now a cesspool of lawlessness ruled by Liberal plantation owners; their crapload of illegals; and renegade judges.  However, since I value tradition, where it doesn't impact me,  I do hope that Scotland votes to  stay home on Thursday.