Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beating Dead AGW Whores


and other goofy bastards                         

Climate change PROVED to be 'nothing but a lie', claims top meteorologist

THE debate about climate change is finished - because it has been categorically proved NOT to exist, one of the world's leading meteorologists has claimed.

For the umteenth time


The Climate State
Okay, the BIG LIE is still being propagated by the media, if only by neglecting to report the myriad scandals plaguing the AGW scam.  And, yes, too many dull-witted activist school teachers are still shilling for the movement, and plumping their charges' brains with climatecrapand have been for so long that many of them are now of voting age.

Still, at some point,  people who still buy into the leftist, man-caused climate change scam must be held accountable for what is nothing less than their willful ignorance, which if not stopped will bring a nation to economic ruin, and enslavement on the Liberal plantation. 

Yes moms and dads, it's time FOR YOU to tell your brats that climate change is ongoing, natural, and unchangeable! And anyone who says differently is evil, which will come out from under their beds at night and and eat them. Because  they will. 

Muslimo Gang Bangers

The man who beheaded that lady in Oklahoma is a recent convert to Islam.

The Canadians suffered a terrorist attack today by a recent convert to Islam. The day before they had another attack by a recent convert of Islam.

I don’t remember ever hearing about a recent convert to Christianity shooting up a government building, killing a soldier, or beheading anyone.

The west has become so hostile to God and His Son that many western elites would rather spend their time calling Christians bigots than deal with the threat that is Islam ...
The truth of the matter is that Jesus Christ died on a cross and those who convert to a saving faith in him have no need to go out and behead, kill, or blow themselves up.

Mohammed died in the arms of one of his many wives and  a whole lot of Western converts seem pretty intent on making other die less comfortably. It’s like a gang land initiation.
But if you read most press reports, Christians are ruthless bigots out to control women’s bodies and don’t you dare judge Islam by the acts of a bunch of recent converts, the popularity of ISIS among muslims in Europe, the Middle Eastern states that deny women basic rights and kill gays and fund foot soldiers in terror to blow up embassies, shoot up night clubs, and fly planes into tall buildings.

Nope. Christians are a problem and you are bigot for daring to connect the dots on Islam. Just ask Ben Affleck, bigot.

In Rotherham, England, over a period of years muslim men routinely gang raped young, white English girls. The local authorities were so fearful of stirring up ethnic tension that they turned a blind eye to it.

The authorities and media were so held hostage to political correctness they could not confront the problem. To this day many of the major press reports have bypassed any talk of it being muslim men.

I believe here too, both Republican and Democrat leaders and the national press corps are so held hostage to political correctness they have Stockholm Syndrome with it. They will not confront the truth. [Continue]


Stab me in the liver!

... est quod est

"Unplugged," and properly so

I can find reasons to excuse the author of the shopping list, but there are none to excuse the cretin in the roll-over.  I'm embarrassed for us as a nation,  as I am for having elected this current government. Twice.

The "Caveman" guy titled this collection; "You Might Need To Take A Shower After Viewing These Pictures: People Of Walmart."  Now, I don't generally cotton to the Walmart  People meme, primarily because I despise the the left and their union thugs who are in the business of attacking Walmart and customers because the company won't roll over for them.    But, in this case, OMFG.  I need a shower.