Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cooler Cooking

                                                           sous vide

A couple of years ago, Alton Brown did a piece about poaching and cooking "a la" sous vide, with a deep electric skillet.... which I tried.  Seamed to work well.  From a physics / chemistry perspective, he said that if you immersed portions of fish in a milk bath, at 107 degrees (I think that was the temp).... that you'd invoke a type of suspended animation, and you could come back after days or months, and the fish would be the same as if you had just prepared it.

CR's e-mail sent me scurrying to find that Alton Brown segment; so far no luck.  In the process however I did find some interesting stuff about ovens (Alton Brown demonstrates GE's trivection oven). cooler cooking (video below), and fertilizing a human egg (don't ask).  While clearly a paid advertisement, Brown's production was an eye opener.  See, about than 2 years ago we re-did the kitchen from head to toe.  Mo-Sup did the design and purchased all the appliances because she's a shopper and I'm a buyer. Since we bought a GE Profile oven, which I generally like, I asked if she'd ever heard about the GE trivection.  Expecting an No, I got a yes. 

You looked at them?
Why don't we have one then?
Because they were twice as much.

I just looked them up, and the 30" Advantium is $2700 at LOWES today, whereas our $30" Profile we have was around $1700.  Sigh.  In our next life then. Sous vide was introduced to me, and possibly you, a few years ago in a comment and link by Helly.   Some immersion heater gadget she'd purchased to sous vide on the cheap.  I had no idea what she was on about so I kept walking. 

Anyway, here's that cooler cooking video which I may just try tonight.

A little girl's toy WTF

Christmas Gifts For The Little Liberal Girl

At least SKIPPER seems to be wearing Mormon underpants; so there's that.

Moving forward then


BRUSSELS: A number of Muslims in Europe are publicly abandoning their religion to become Christians or agnostics despite their former community's taboo against such acts.

In September, the Central Council of Ex-Muslims in Germany called for a protest against a handful of Salafists who proclaimed themselves "police of the Sharia," Islamic law, in the western city of Wuppertal. "It's true," Ahmed said, "that somehow we join the extreme right, but Islam is also the extreme right. It's up to us to clean house."
In France, the film "The Apostle" by filmmaker Cheyenne Carron has meanwhile lifted the veil on "apostasy" by telling the story of a young Muslim who converted to Catholicism and how he had trouble getting family and friends to accept his choice.

"It is time for us to stop hiding," said Pastor Said Oujibou, 46, who left radical Islam for evangelical protestantism and who is among the few converts to have publicized his decision in France.

He said he is "tolerated" by his former co-religionists, even if he admits to having sparked "sarcasm and annoyance" from them. [FULL]

I'll swap you 10,000 beheadings for one Ave Maria

It has come?

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest

What the nation awakes to see on Novemeber 20, 2014; For the permanent record.

How is it that the House of Representatives cannot file for an immediate injunction with the SCOTUS?  And then, for chrissake, announce impeachment hearings to begin on Jan 1, 2015?  Instead, this is the only "illegals" action found on SCOTUS BLOG's Thursday round-up:

At ThinkProgress, Ian Millhiser discusses Justice Anthony Kennedy’s opinion for the Court in Arizona v. United States, striking down part of an Arizona immigration law, and argues that the decision “includes language highlighting the ‘broad discretion’ the executive branch enjoys in matters relating to immigration.

The royal we have since the beginning felt that the cabal that imposed this Manchurian Candidate upon us in 2008 had as their goal a Helter-Skelter scenario that used race to fracture us, leading to civil war with Obama holding all the military cards, and with enough leftist judges in hand to muddle legal recourse. The  Ferguson decision may be their trigger. If not, another will be manufactured.