Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Barry's First Date

Home Schooling Run Amok?


If you don't get this, you're a better person than me. Sigh.

Today's Homily

Crying girl claims brother ripped the arms off her Barbie Doll.  Boy denies.  Parents spank him; send him to bed without dinner.  Girl admits that she had herself destroyed Barbie.  Parents tell boy that if he apologizes to his sister he can come down  have some dinner.  Boy says go fuck yourselves

The Decent Ones

Hitler's Mustache                           

The Decent Ones?

Next: Newly discovered papers reveal the human side of one of history's most merciless killers: Nazi Architect Heinrich Himmler.
TNR stooge Jonathan Chait writes, somewhat counter intuitively, that History will be “Very Kind” to Obama’s legacy. This assertion comes ironically juxtaposed with the virtually universal blistering criticism Obama is receiving even from his most vociferous defenders (like Mike Lupica) for having failed to send even an administration representative (nevermind the President himself) to the anti-terror rally in Paris this weekend. It has come to the point that long time liberal defenders of Obama’s presidency are forced to concede publicly that Obama will most be remembered as a President who did essentially nothing.

Strangely, that seems to be the exact basis for Chait’s pre-emptive praise of Obama’s historical legacy – that while all others around him were clamoring for him to do something, Obama has remained steadfastly calm and done none of those things: [Continued]

There is nothing more delicious than the serendipitous discovery of two outrageous things that serve to cancel each other out. 

I was agog last night to have The Decent One served up on Netflix.  The decent one is Heinrich Himmler, the Nazi who next to Hitler I should most have enjoyed throwing headfirst down a functioning outhouse privy.

Newly discovered papers reveal the human side of one of history's most merciless killers: Nazi Architect Heinrich Himmler.

The documentary uses written letters between Heinny, family, and alas mistress, to show his human side?  Is it possible the author was ignorant of the pathology of  sociopathic killers?  Hey, Hitler loved his dog.  Even the supposition—make that declaration—that Himmler was a devoted family man is destroyed when he fathers a bastard daughter with the mistress he takes because his wife has become an old barren cow.  Wait!  I haven't checked, but is it possible that Jonathan Chait authored this one too?  By the bye, watch it and make your kids and grandkids watch it too.