Monday, March 02, 2015

Terps LOVING Michigan

Terps Loving The B1G Boss!

As expected ....

'Don't shoot the messenger ....

Erick Erickson's "My Candid Candidate Thoughts After CPAC," are worth reading.  He pleads, "don't shoot the messenger," so that will give you an idea.  As for me, I've decided to take full advantage of my age and not (try not) to let the destruction of our culture destroy me now.  I'll fortunately be dead before the full impact of Obama is felt. If he fell down an elevator shaft today, he cannot be undone because we are governed by circus clowns. 

Caveat: It will not however take much more of this to make me saddle my horse and ride to Texas though.



An ice storm (and ultimately accurate) forecast caused the cancellation of a birthday party we were to attend, so we had a blank calender.  What to do?  Well, as it turned out we used the day to watch all 8 episodes of BROADCHURCH, season one. Didn't want to.  Had to. That will serve as my review.  Brilliant.

By the by, I was able to identify the killer, but only because I named everyone in the cast before it was over. 

Also, I've watched
ohsay 62000 movies based in Britain, but never seen the particular landscape (Westside Cliffs) where this takes place.  Stunning.