Monday, August 10, 2015


cinema à la carte                                 


Vexed is a British television series broadcast on BBC Two in 2010, and again in 2012 . It is conceived by Howard Overman and set in a London contemporary.

Toby Stephens is DI Jack Armstrong, and (first season) Lucy Punch is his partenr inspector DI Kate Bishop.  Jack is lazy and messy, but fascinating, while Kate is efficient and often exasperated by the behavior of Jack. (via Vexed serie televisiva).

We tend to watch detective/crime/spook series at dinner time.  How exactly I discovered  "Vexed" is a mystery, but we began watching last week.  We both had pretty much the same reaction after episode one. "WTF   was that?" We decided to watch at least one more.     

There are only nine episodes; three in season one, six in season two.  Here's my evaluation.

Somewhere into episode two I found myself waiting for Malory Archer to stroll in
martini in handbecause DI Jack Armstrong is Sterling Archer  brought to life. And, his partners (new one in season two) are Lana Kane. 

MoSup said she liked it because it was good to hear me laugh like that again.  So there's that. (she sniggered too.)


Medusa Benjamin; Cuntstrodinaire

Medusa Benjamin

This is how far I'm behind.  Code Pink's Medusa Benjamin appeared on C-Span's Book Notes last Sunday.  Not yesterday; last Sunday. I stumbled across it and was forced to slow down and gawk while this bitch explained why she cannot trust media to tell truth about how despicable we Americans are, not even MSNBC!  No, she goes to  Al Jazeera America (Fact-Based, In-Depth News) and reads the Guardian for a modicum of truth about the United States' body politic.

Hate is an awful thing;  it corrodes the soul and destroys the mind, but I do hate her guts. The worst appellation I can tag any women with is CUNT.  Medusa is a cunt.  I'm not really sure that Hillary Clinton is even a cunt, because I think Hillary has a pathology that renders her incapable of
strike that.  Hillary is too a cunt, but Medusa is a Cuntstrodinaire.  A traitor who urged our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq to kill their officers.  I would very much like to see her hanged one day after a proper trial.