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Logic v. Libtard Gun Nuts

   Moms Demand Muslim Control

Mass killings are on the rise, and it’s time for the U.S. Government to do something. The right target, on the other hand, isn’t lawful gun owners but Muslim extremists.

Moms Demand Muslim Control


Here’s a list of the ten deadliest terror attacks this year, all committed by Muslim extremists, and all of which individually resulted in more deaths than all the “mass shootings” in America this year, combined:

Date: Jan. 3
Death Toll:  150 to 2,000.
Perpetrator: Boko Haram
Location: Baga, 
Date: March 20
Death Toll: 137
Perpetrator: Islamic State
Location: Yemen
Date: April 2
Death Toll: At least 147
Perpetrator: Al-Shabab
Location: Kenya
Date: Feb. 4 – 5
Death Toll: At least 91
Perpetrator: Boko Haram
Location: Cameroon
Date: June 25
Death Toll: At least 154
Perpetrator: Islamic State
Location: Syria
Date: June 30 and July 1
Death Toll: At least 145
Perpetrator: Boko Haram
Location: Nigeria
Date: July 17
Death Toll: 120
Perpetrator: Islamic State
Location: Iraq
Date: Aug. 13
Death Toll: At least 76
Perpetrator: Islamic State
Location: Iraq
Date: Sept. 20
Death Toll: At least 80
Perpetrator: Likely Boko Haram
Location: Nigeria
Date: Oct. 31
Death Toll: 224
Perpetrator: Islamic State
Location: Egypt

Some of these, of course, barely rated mention in the American media, and the Roanoke shooting got more coverage than all these events combined, because the victim’s father was a media savvy gun control proponent. But at the end of the day, the indisputable facts are that in the last 18 months, violent Islamic extremists around the globe have committed mass murder with increasing frequency and efficacy.

Where, on CNN, is the airtime for the parents of the victims of ISIS, or Boko Haram, or al-Shabab to explain to us all what a menace Islamic extremists are? Where are the brothers and sisters of the beheading victims to call on the President to take strong military action instead of ineffectual half measures that make the problem worse? Where are the Christians who were targeted in Kenya to plead their case about the way they are systematically executed by central African Muslim groups?

Now, given the way the media has covered the mass shootings committed in America, you would expect that they would be out there paying lip service to the idea of religious pluralism while at the same time explaining that devoutly religious Muslims as a whole are so dangerous that they still deserve to have laws passed against them, right?

I mean, that makes sense according to the media’s logic, right? Even though all gun owners or even most gun owners aren’t bad, we still have to take precautions against them according to the media. Well, if all or even most Muslims aren’t bad, but SOME are deadly – and much deadlier even than the shootings here – wouldn’t media logic dictate that we should take more precautions against Muslims in this country?

Of course not. Instead they are out there patiently explaining to all us dolts who don’t want huge masses of Syrian refugees moved in next door that the overwhelming majority of them are peaceful and that if one of them turns out not to be and kills a couple hundred people, that’s just the price of being tolerant and open minded, which the media is only too happy to declare that we should pay.

The media’s condescension towards middle America is such a sad and sickening spectacle. They sit in their coastal enclaves with their self-loathing towards the oafish country of their origin and bend over backwards to condemn anyone who might generalize even a little bit about Muslims, even during the middle of a spate of Islam-inspired terror attacks. [FULL]

Nice Red State exercise that attempts to use logic in the continuing media hysteria over gun control juxtaposed against their virtually nonexistent  coverage of radical (?) Islamic terror.  Logic.  Right. Yesterday's Cavuto dialog with another pasty faces libtard  ..... you know.  Immovable objects, etc.